Glenugie to Tullera via Yamba then QLD

Having spent some time at Glenugie it was time to move on.  This place has been a really great stop and we will definitely return here.

Leaving Glenugie

Today we head to Tullera which is a bit north of Lismore in NSW.  It’s around a two and a half hour drive but we decide to stop in the small town of Yamba.  

This place is really nice, clean and not too busy.  We had a walk around the centre which had the usual mix of shops you regularly see in a costal town.  We went in to the caravan park to ask the cost of a night here would be and laughed as the girl at the desk said $75.00 a night.  We left pronto laughing as we went.

Back on the road we soon arrive at the farm in Tullera just north of Lismore that we would be spending one night at for a bargain $20.00 a night with power and water included.  We quickly got the power on, connected all our devices to charge then connected the water, got heaps of washings done in our machine in the van then filled both our water tanks with 60 litre tanks.  It was then hot showers in the van and five o’clock cocktail time whilst taking in the stunning views.  

Later on when I took Max for his last splash and dash pee, I noticed over the hill on the other side that a huge lightning storm was happening.  Then about three am we were woken up by the same storm above us and the rain then came hammering down but thankfully for a pretty short time.  The following morning arrived with the usual sunshine you get after a storm.

Another day another drive.  With a new COVID outbreak starting in NSW we reckon it’s best for us that we get to and through the border in to Queensland before the outbreak grows and Queensland close the border or make anyone crossing from NSW have to quarantine for 14 days.  So with that in mind we get on to WikiCamps and find a great campsite inland of the Gold Coast in the town of Canungra.  This place is spotless, huge, roomy with great views and is only 600 metres from the town.  We book in for 2 nights the a short time later added another 2.