A Wee Update

Been a while since we posted anything.  I prefer to use Instagram and Facebook now.  

For the past month we have been back at Olive Hill Farm in Margaret River, WA.   It seems we are farmers now due to a change in circumstances at the farm.  We are looking after cows, sheep, chickens, goats, horses and learning to use the various machinery needed on a farm this size.  We are still taking care of the caravans, air b&b studio and soon Trevor the glamping bus will be back on site.  Although it keeps us busy we enjoy the vibe of this place.  There is always something to do.  Our plan is still to return via South Australia to Victoria where we will sort out some house and belongings before getting back on the road again.  We will head up the east coast at a more leisurely pace as we rushed through borders due to covid issues last time.  By the time we get to Geelong it will have been two years on the road and many more to come.  

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Steve, Kaz and Max.

Olive Hill Farm, Margaret River. WA

We are continuing our stay in Margaret River at Olive Hill farm.   Helen, the owner has been more than accomodating and we have a great working understanding of everything and consider Helen a friend.  Ollie the dog is a recent addition to the family and is super friendly, runs like a whippet and can bounce like a four legged Kangaroo.

Helen has been really kind in taking Kaz out riding on one of her two horses.  Helen rides Mardy whilst Kaz rides Patsy.  They are two quite different horses with Patsy being the boss between them.

Kaz is now several weeks in to her new position of vineyard worker.  This entails getting up at 5am, driving to Brown-hill vineyard to pick grapes during harvest.  Soon she will change to starting later and being inside, sorting the grapes before they are made in to wonderful wine.  Kaz is loving this new position.

one evening we went out for a change to the local cinema and watched the Shakespeare movie adaptation of Macbeth starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. it took quite an effort to understand but we got there and the acting was amazing.

In the campground things started to get busier as we headed in to the Labour Day weekend in WA.  The entire campground was busy with lots of vans from all over the country descending on Olive Hill Farm.  We managed to get everyone settled in and most importantly, happy.  The weekend went off without any drama and we enjoyed chatting to various visitors.

On the Sunday Kaz helped Emma (Helen’s daughter) drive round the camp offering Emma’s delicious baked scones with jam and cream.  The scones were offered for a gold coin donation and by the end they were all gone.  A tremendous effort by all.

Emma’s Scones.

The weekend ended and people started to depart out from Sunday through to the Tuesday.  A few nomads stayed on and it was weird having been so busy to see it now half deserted.  It really was a lot of fun and fantastic to see the place so busy.  It was really pleasing to go round the camp noting that everyone had left the camp as they found it with no rubbish or damage recorded.

With the quiet comes opportunities and we spent some time carrying out some pruning on various plants whilst removing some killed by the unusual heat Margaret river has had.  We also replaced the bay signs with new versions as the sun had faded them, making them hard to read.  It’s not much but it freshens the place up a little.

Whilst Kaz has been grape picking, I have been pottering about up at the farmhouse carrying out chores to help out whilst enjoying the scenery.

We have also been enjoying many days cooling off at the beach or in the river on the property.

We finally made the effort and visited the Margaret River market which is run every Saturday in town. it features amazing local quality produce including fruit, veg and cheeses. Not the largest market but makes up for it in the food on offer.

Margaret River Market

Later this week we will head north to the town of Busselton to finally walk the Jetty.  This time we will go up without Max as dogs aren’t allowed on the jetty.  We will then enjoy some lunch and a nice swim in the ocean.

Busselton Jetty.

Amazingly, we are starting to slowly make plans for our departure, although it is still in four weeks time.  We will head back north to the town of Cue which is east of Geraldton in WA.  Here we will be house sitting for three months.   I will also celebrate my 60th birthday in Cue which will be interesting.  It will be sad to leave Olive Hill but it gives us the chance to get back on the road and will definitely return here again.

Margaret River Region, WA

The last few days have been challenging. Our Tassie mates moved on as they make their long way home. We were now on our own as camp hosts. This week has been getting hotter as the week went on. Tomorrow (Friday) is set to be 40 degrees. This has already made a few leave camp as they wanted to run their generators when they liked. Since the shire put in a complete fire ban, this is not possible. we just head for the beach with our tent and swim and snorkel in the ocean.

We have got on well as camp hosts and it’s always interesting meeting people from everywhere. Can’t wait till Monday when it will drop below 30 degrees.

Margaret River – Olive Hill Farm

We continue enjoying our stay at Olive Hill Farm. So much, that we have decided to stay till April. We have secured a caretaking role here as the current caretakers have to move on. They are an amazing couple and we have big shoes to fill.

We had a visit to the Margaret River Dairy Company where we tasted and purchased a couple of beautiful cheeses then enjoyed two ice creams.

We have enjoyed several days out around the area with both Kimbra, Andrew and Helen who owns the farm. We were all then invited to Helen’s beautiful house for dinner. It was a great night with great food and wines and seemed to be over very quickly. Next day we all enjoyed visiting a few wineries with Andrew kindly doing the driving. We ended it by visiting our local, the Colonial Brewing Company for beers and eventually a couple of bowls of chips. Today (Sunday) we are off to the Wild Hop brewery for lunch with Andrew and Kimbra before they leave very soon. It will be very sad to see them go but that’s life on the road. We will definitely keep in touch though and will definately catch up when we take our wee journey to Tasmania. This week is forecasted to be 30+ increasing as the week goes on. That equals, beach beach beach.

The bus is called Trevor and is kitted out for glamping. living on a dirt road means the cruiser will not be clean for months.

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Olive Hill Farm, Margaret River

With the Xmas and new year festivities over, it was good to get back to our version of normal.  With our COVID booster jab now due, we managed to get a booking at the pharmacy in Margaret River for the thirteenth of January.  Hopefully this will be the last one we will require.  We are lucky to be in WA at the moment as COVID has been relatively kept under control.  This will change early February no doubt when the border re-opens.

Margaret River is a great base making touring the area easy.  We have managed to visit all the surrounding towns. Coweramup, Dunsborough, Busselton. Vasse, Gracerown, Yallingup to name a few. we still have the southern towns to visit but we have plenty of time.

Each of these were fantastic and had the the bonus of amazing beaches.  We also visited Canal Rocks which was wild, with massive ocean waves crashing against the huge rocks surrounding it.  We then took a stroll along the walkway, we watched as several youngsters were jumping off straight in to the deep water below.  As usual it was ‘No Dogs Allowed’ so our time was limited but we managed to get down to the boat ramp in time to see a huge stingray swimming just off the ramp.

We found ourselves back at the Colonial Brewery next to the farm for Reggae n Ribs Sunday.  We enjoyed a few hours here with the camp hosts and our new friends, Andrew and Kim who are great company.  These guys will leave soon as they make their return trip to Tasmania.  They are due to leave the day before us on the seventeenth and eighteenth of January.  Today Tuesday the 11th, we are off to the Prevally beach for a few of the hottest hours of the day. today and tomorrow will be in the mid to high thirties. Happy New Year to everyone. Hope 2022 finds you healthy and happy.