Last month in Cue

We are now in to our fourth and final month in Cue.  Although Cue is seriously quiet with not a lot to do.  We have busied ourselves by Kaz learning to play the guitar and I have been learning to play the piano.  Cue has been a great spot to winter in with mid twenties most of the time although mornings can get a bit chilly.  I have celebrated my 60th Birthday and Kaz got me a Mine-lab Gold-monster metal/gold detector.  I have been out several times on the goldfields in Cue but only found rubbish.  Guess I will keep trying.  On my Birthday we finally made our first visit to the local pub.  We had to wait until four pm until it opened.  We were pleasantly surprised at the place with a good mix of people including mine workers and caravaners.

Kaz has probably read a couple of dozen books and counting.  The owners of the house have a Thermo mix food processor which is absolutely brilliant.  We have made several dishes using this machine.  I don’t think we will be buying one as they are seriously expensive.  The owners of the house also have a great TV set up and we have watched a lot of movies and tv programs.  

We also had a couple of nights in Geraldton where we drove down to get the car and caravan serviced.   Geraldton is a five hour journey one way.  

This week we will do some tourist stuff where we will visit Big Bell, Waḻga rock and Afghan Rock.  

The rest of the time we will prepare to get back on the road.  Once we leave Cue, we will head north back south of Coral Bay at 14 mile beach where we will be for two weeks free camping.  From here we will travel south again,  where will return to Olive Hill Farm in Margaret River for a few months.  After this our plan is to make our way over the Nullarbor again in to South Australia before spending some time back in Victoria.