Our Wee Journey – Leaves Margs Shocker

Having spent four months at wonderful Olive Hill Farm and having made a commitment to a house sit in Cue.  It was time to leave Margaret River finally.

We had covered the crazy busy periods and helped out around the farm which we loved doing.

We enjoyed a fantastic final night with wonderful Helen (the farm owner) and kids Emma and Jack, not forgetting Ollie the dog.  

We felt strange leaving next morning as we hadn’t planned on being camp hosts never mind staying for that amount of time.  We did have the most magnificent time however.  The time away will tell us something about our love for the area and the farm.

We headed north where after a relatively short drive and without issue, we arrived at our first stop in Fremantle.  This was at the Fremantle Village caravan park a camp we previously stayed at and is a great location to shop for our stay in Cue.  

We head to Dan Murphys to purchase four months worth of drinks before heading to Aldi and repeating the process this time for food.  Since we had downloaded the 7eleven app allowing us to lock in the cheapest fuel price across Australia for seven days.  We looked up the nearest 7eleven and running on fumes we end up in downtown Fremantle only to find the nearest 7eleven is only a store.  Once again we look for the closest fuel station and started out in that direction coasting downhill when available before finally arriving at the pumps only just.

With a mix of relief and joy we filled the cruiser to the absolute brim which stung us $230.00 and included a large saving via the app.

It was then back to the park where we enjoyed some food and a wine or two before being in bed and asleep by 9pm.  The intention of having a long deep sleep was ruined by Max tapping on the bed requesting I take him out.  This happened a couple of times before the night was over but we are happy he tells us.

In the morning we are ready to get back on the road having loaded all our food in to both the van fridge and the cars.  We head out of the park in to the Perth traffic heading north east where we have a couple of stops planned.  

Having navigated our way from the south west of Perth through the many roadworks we make it out on to the north east road For Cue.

Later we arrive at our stop at the town of Miling where we are staying at the sports centre caravan park.  This is a real nice spot with power. Water, showers, bins and a huge grasses oval which is good for Max to enjoy a run.

We stay here for one night and without rushing in the morning we head back on to the road north.  Today will be a bit of a long drive as we head to our next stop at the town of Mount Magnet.  This will be our final stop and sets us up for an easy drive of about 80k to our destination of Cue.

On the way the traffic is light the sky a beautiful blue with a scattering of wispy clouds and no wind.  There is however a large number of wide loads heading south.  Luckily we have our uhf radio and the lead vehicle radios us and tells us to pull to the side of the road to allow the wide load through.  This occurs several times  before we clear the last one and we make great progress stopping only once at the Payne’s Find Roadhouse for a bite to eat, walk Max and swap drivers.  We arrive at Mount Magnet and locate the caravan park, book in before taking up our spot.  The park is reasonably good but over the road we can hear a bit of noise from a few of the local people shouting at each other.  This is quite a regular thing with locals but tonight we will lock everything up securely and have one ear open for chancers during the night.

Tomorrow we will make the final drive arriving in Cue where we will meet up with Karen and Ross the owners of the house we are looking after for them whilst they travel for a while.  

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