Three Springs, WA Tourists

We decided to stay in Three Springs some more.  This morning was another early one as we were awakened by the soft birdsong of the Cockatiels.  They sound like most Australian bird’s with their almost prehistoric squawking.  Today we do some tourist stuff around the place.  We drive out of town about 17km and arrive at the Talc Mine.  Yes, as in Talcum Powder for baby’s bottoms.  The mine is the largest in the world and the product is sent all over the world.  Talc is used in some surprising things, like.  Cosmetics, animal feed, cars, paper, tyres, chewing gum, pain and fertiliser to name a few.  Walking up to the top of the viewpoint was amazing.  We could see the entire mine stretched out in front as well as the wheat fields and the salt lakes.  We didn’t’t stay here long due to the heat of the sun.We then made our way back towards town where the next stop was the amazing pink lake.  These are always hard to photograph but we gave it a go.  Next and last was one of the first pumps from one of the three springs.  Unfortunately the handle on the pump had broken otherwise we could have had a go.

It was then back to the van for a bite to eat for lunch.  As we sat there a couple arrived towing a caravan and parked next to us.  Strange as the place was empty.  The woman told us they had stayed here before but only stopped to have a cup of tea.  She then asked us where we were from and where we were heading etc.  She then talked non stop on the phone.  Packing up their chairs and table before leaving without even a goodbye.   She was back on the phone.  We may have seemed a bit frosty to them or might have waved and we missed it.

We then took a drive to the next tiny town called Carnamah.   The little towns around this area seem to have quite a bit of funding going on.  Both the towns have excellent facilities and some of the heritage type building have been restored.  We take a look at the caravan park.  Why you would stay here and not Three Springs I don’t know.but different people prefer caravan parks.  We check out a few other spots then head back to Three Springs.   

I am chef for the night where we have beef stir fry with broccoli, mixed veggies in a coconut curry sauce, delicious.  Normally we can get two meals from our evening meal but this time we scoffed the lot.  Tonight we watch the movie The Devil All The Time starring Tom Holland.

Next day we leave this great town but not before we head to the local butcher where we spend some cash.  

Today we are heading to a new town south of Three Springs called Moora.  It’s one of our shortest drives and we arrive in the town and locate the camp area.  It’s a free parking area behind the town council offices.  Not great but in a great location right in the centre of town.  The town is tiny but people here obviously love the place.  Everywhere you look there are flowers, murals and some sculptures dotted around.  At the rear of the Main Street there is also a full size swimming pool.  We had a quick look but I think the pool doubles up as a crèche, there were heaps of  kids in it.

We moved on and had a good wander, taking some photo’s as we walked.  We then spotted a newsagent and decided to buy a ticket for the WA Lottery which had ballooned to 80 million dollars.  We got back to the van and met a couple who were parked near us.  They were doing the same as us, although only for one year.  They had been on the road for the same amount of time.  They were from Sydney but instead of going south, they intended to head east away from the coast.  They reckoned going any further south they wouldn’t get anywhere to stay as everything had been booked out.  We told them where we would be for Xmas in Margaret River and followed it up by telling them it was now booked out.  They hadn’t intended to stay in Moora but on arrival thought it would be worth a more detailed look.  With a dump point, toilets and potable water here and lot’s of bins it really is a good place to stop.

We stayed only one night and filled our water tanks before leaving.  We then remembered we still had to check our lottery ticket.  Kaz handed it over waiting for the usual “sorry” but the machine chimed and we have a winning ticket.  Not 80 million but a handy $62. 80 our biggest win ever.  We cash in and head out.

As we head south we are only an hour north of Perth.  In Perth we will be staying just south of the city at the Fremantle Village Caravan Park.  This will be the first big city we have been to in some time and the first caravan park since Broome.

Anyhow, back heading south our next stop is the tiny town of Mogumber.  Again this is a free/donation site next to the town oval.  Great for Max to run in although a bit hot at 36 degrees.  It has flushing toilets (yes, a luxury), and hand washing facilities.  After another short drive we pull in to the site.  The place looks good as it has lot’s of trees providing a decent amount of shade.  We scope out a spot under some massive tall trees and take a walk about.  Once again there is no one else here although that may change later.  Although the road is reasonably close it’s a quiet road anyway so not so many cars or road trains passing.  There are a couple of rail crossings so we expect to hear some horn blowing but not at night.  We head back to the van and with ten minutes Max starts barking.  We take a look outside and there are two caravans arriving.  Good on Max as we didn’t hear a thing.  They park pretty close to us under some not so high trees.  

In the afternoon the wind starts to increase so much so that smallish to medium branches start falling.  As they do the noise as they hit the van roof is a bit scary.  We don’t want our solar panels or our roof vents or the car windows getting smashed.

We make the decision to move which is easy as we haven’t unhooked the van and car.   We move away a short distance and park in what was our second choice spot, still shaded.  As usual we have annoying insects here.  Tiny little fly things as well as the usual house type flies.  There is also a massive amount of locusts.  Shortly before we arrived we were hitting heaps of them and they were getting smashed in great numbers.  Here as you walk around they are like a carpet.  Some of the bigger ones arrive with a thud  as the land on us.  Later we here a light plane sounding as if was dive bombing and we guess they were crop spraying.  A plague of locusts can wipe out years of work for the poor farmers.

In the late  afternoon with me writing and Kaz reading, Max is outside on his mat.  Well that’s what we thought until a woman from the two other caravans walks over with Max in tow.  He had quietly walked off and joined these people who were enjoying some afternoon drinks and nibbles.  Oops, must remember to put his lead on.

Kaz apologised, then got chatting.  She told us there is a pub next to the camp about 300 yards away.  We haven’t been in a pub since Broome and even then we had one drink.  Apparently there is a huge area behind the pub where tomorrow night there will be live bull riding.  Not the stuffed one seen in pubs but actual full size animals.  I am not a fan of animal entertainment but as we have been starved of live entertainment we might take a walk up.  Not sure what we will do with Max, but will probably have to take him with us.

Ok, scratch the bull riding.  We just took a walk up to the pub to check it out.   We were shocked to see that admission tonight will be $25 per head.  Like I said earlier we don’t even like bull riding but would have had a beer and would’v given it a five minute look.

We will make our own entertainment and save the $50+ dollars.  We will however stay here another night.

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