Geraldton, Yandanooka , Three Springs. WA

Next day arrives after a noisy night.  Next to the camp is a railway siding that has a massive work shed.  It has two huge extractor fans which run twenty four seven.  Trains go past but only a couple of times a day.  It still remains a good stop due to the location and cost.

We noted that not everyone respects the twenty four hour stop limit as we notice a car and van that drove away as we arrived yesterday then came back later and took up another spot.

Anyhow, we drive out to visit the HMS Sydney Remembrance monument.  If you are ever in Geraldton, do not miss this.  The place is spotless, has great information boards, statues with amazing views out to the wreck site just off the coast.

We considered going back to the same camp that day but thought against it and headed out to the Bringo Lookout just east of Geraldton.  Although close to the road the camp itself is really good, spacious and has amazing views to Geraldton and the Ocean.  We grab a great spot down the bottom.  There are two areas one at the top and the one we park in.  There was also no one else there when we arrived but we were joined by a couple of different vans and tents over the two days we stayed there.  It was however peaceful with great sunsets.

Today our intention was to head further south but we thought we would stay one more night in Geraldton at the free camp again.  We had to make a few phone calls and then fill our tanks again.  When we arrived wee seen that the guy who wasn’t following the rules was there again.  We parked up anyway then unhooked the car to do a little bit of driving around the place.  We decided to only stay one night then move on.

Following morning we left town heading to Enanty Barn Mingenew.  This is another free camp with the usual twenty four hour maximum stay allowed.  When we stopped there, we were less than impressed.  It was too close to the road, had no shade and the barn looked derelict.   We decided we would drive on to our next stop at Yandanooka Town Hall.  It’s a tiny town but welcomes campers to stay for free.  This time the limit is seventy two hours.  It has flushing toilets with paper, wash hand basin with soap and paper towels.  Believe me this is very rare in our experience.  It also has an amazing stargazing site at the end of the camp.  We managed to stay here for the three night maximum.  It was really peaceful with not another camper around.  As grain season is upon us there were a few trucks during the day but at the other end of the street and caused us no issues.  Max received a visit from the famed brown dog who is a regular visitor to people camped up.  She was a really placid dog that Max of course had a go at.  Brown dog could not give a hoot about him and carried on looking around.  This seemed to trouble Max as dogs generally run from him.  He was now interested and hung around her which we were amazed at.  We also had a visit from a local guy who owns two houses that the dog was from.  He walked over with two dogs with him.  One was brown dog, another was a black dog.  Max decided to have a go at the black dog, a female who showed him who was boss round here then sat under the caravan where Max usually shades himself.  He was perplexed  it happy to let her stay there if she wanted to.  The guy was from South Africa and had lived in the area for some time.  He and his wife both live on the same property but in seperate houses.

Later brown dog came back then spent thirty minutes hanging around with Max both off lead.

Later it was movie night with Bombshell the story of Fox News.   If you haven’t seen it have a look.

Next morning we get an unwanted alarm at 6am but no ones fault.  We hear the noise of a truck pull in reasonably close to us.  I look out and there is a massive road train sitting with the driver staring at the wheels of the truck that have smoke billowing out from them.  It looked like the brakes has overheated and he had to sit a while and let them cool down.  We have not seen 6 am for a very long time but today we will move on from this camp anyway.  Then having got back bed, we here a “good morning”, outside the van.  I scramble to find my shorts and shirt before going outside.  As I finally get outside I see a person on a cycle pedalling down the road.  I look down and discover a box at my feet.  On further inspection, the box is full of freshly picked oranges and a couple of lemons.  How good is that from someone we don’t even know?  Now that I am up, I stay up.  
Today we are driving one of our shortest site swaps.  The town of Three Springs is a tiny place and just 35km south of here.  We may get there and not like it and move on we thought.  As we arrived in the town we were amazed how nice it was with a cute Main Street lined with shops and a pub of course.  We headed to the free camp site where there was only one other couple in a small Toyota bus parked.  There were groups of large tres providing great shade and three complaints fire pits complete with cooking pans then unbelievably a massive, Swimming Pool that has nine lanes.  This makes it bigger than an Olympic pool as it has nine lanes!!  It is also free to use complete with changing rooms and immaculate bathrooms complete with hot showers.  The toilets and showers are ‘The Best’ we have seen in almost eight months of travel.  Certain caravan parks who are charging a lot for manky facilities should look at themselves.  We have no hesitation in recommending this place.  It shows the way it could and should be done.

I took Max for a walk over to the pool later where I met a couple of ladies who told me the pool use was free, that school would be out soon and best to avoid that time.  Then suggested we come back at five pm when they would be gone.  The pool closes at six.  Since I had Max with me she said that we could bring him as well.  There was a covered grassy area off to the side he could enjoy whilst watching us swim.  She would also tell the kids if there were any to stay away from him.  Again really nice people. As five o’clock arrives we head back to the pool with Max in tow. there are a few kids still there but they are all in the shallow end. We place Max undercover from the sun and Kaz is in first followed by myself. This pool is both deep and wide not the warmest but we are glad to cool off. With time getting on Kaz heads off for a hot shower then I follow as she takes Max back to the van. As the sun starts to set we are outside enjoying the cool air with a refreshment. we will stay here for at least a few days.

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