Lake Argyle on the way to Broome.  Australia 

In what seemed no time after arriving it was time to go but not before we took a last dip in the pool.  Yesterday the temperature was not that cold due to the heat in the later part of the day but this morning that had changed to be a bit more fresh. Our next swim will be at wonderful Cable Beach in Broome.

Back on the road today with a bit of a longer drive ahead of us.  Luckily we were up early and made good time with no issues.  We eventually got to Halls Creek where we had looked at staying for the night but we read too many horror stories about both the campsite and the town.  Looking around the town it seemed the reviews were spot on.  We decided to fill up with diesel then keep on driving as the place didn’t feel safe.

With the sun setting we knew we would have to break our rule of not driving at dawn or dusk due to roaming livestock. like the old joke – if you get lost in the outback, follow a Kangaroo as they always know where the road is. Whilst driving we had to swerve round a mother cow with her calf as well as a Wallaby and of course Kangaroos.

Dusk Driving never a favourite.

We arrived at the Mary Pool Rest area in the pitch dark but luckily our spotlights turn night in to day and having blinded some people we grabbed a spot.  The maximum is a 24 hour stay but we decided to stay for two nights.  The temperature was still 40+ and as we were free camping we wouldn’t have the luxury of air conditioning but we did manage to move on the second morning to a spot under some large trees for a bit of welcome shade. wemdid pick up several peices of peoples garbage which we will dump when we leave.

Next day it was back on the road to Broome where we stopped once again for fuel at Fitzroy Crossing then it was the last few km’s and we arrived in beautiful Broome.

Sunset at Cable Beach

We decided to stay at the Tarangau Caravan Park which is a 10 minute walk to the fabulous Cable Beach.  

The camp is not the largest but location is so good and the facilities are spotless.  We made the decision to stay here for seven days due to a deal where you stay seven but pay for five.  This works out pretty cheap considering where we are plus we have power and water, so we can run our air conditioner.  The temperature here is in the mid thirties but later in the week will be close to forty once again.  At least we have the beautiful water to swim in at Cable Beach.  We can also take the Land Cruiser on to the beach and put out our awning out for shade.

From now on we will slow down as it has been quite hectic for the past six months.  Now we have crossed all the borders to reach WA time will be on our side.  There are so many amazing places in WA and we have booked a spot for a month in Margaret River for Xmas.  We will stay at Olive Tree Farm from December 22nd.

Anyway more updates later from our Australian Travels and thanks heaps for all the likes & interest.

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