Katherine to Timber Creek NT. Australia

Having enjoyed seven nights just outside Katherine it was time to move on.

Interesting sign in the bottle shop in Katherine. Open from 2pm till 6pm.

We spent the day before sorting out our stuff (again). Having sold the roof top tent we could put one of our bags back up on the roof rack along with our Max tracks.  Sounds pretty easy to do except for the 40+ temperature and me up and down the ladder like a burglar on a busy night.  Immediately after it was off for a cold shower.  It’s amazing now how many intentionally cold showers I have enjoyed whilst here.

We then packed up with only the van to hook up in the morning.

Next morning I walked Max down to say goodbye to the horses and give them a treat before leaving.  It was then all aboard and back on the road again.

Today we will head west for 285km making our way to the WA Border.  We will eventually cross over then stop in Kununurra which is a town we have been before.

With Kaz at the wheel we make good time and take a stop at the Victoria River Roadhouse.

We enjoy a wee bite to eat then I take over the driving and in no time we arrive at our overnight stop which is the tiny town of Timber Creek. runs along the river and yes the river has croc’s.

We book in for one night on a powered site again so that we can run our aircon due to the intense heat.  This place has the bonus of a pool to cool off in and leaves us only 200km to the WA border.

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