Daly Waters to Bitter Springs

With today being the Australian Rules Football final we get a visit from a young dude who has made up a sweepstake form which will make the game for the neutral a bit more interesting.

With the heat really getting a bit much we head off in the afternoon for a swim in one of the two swimming pools here which is a delight to cool off in and surprisingly there aren’t that many people doing the same.  I think COVID has stopped a whole heap of people travelling from southern states as the last time we were here it was nose to tail in the caravan park.  

As we are leaving in the morning we packed away most of our things to enable an  escape in the morning.  

Having completed our entry for the final we head to the bar (no surprise I know) and again try to keep the dog, goat and horse from getting anywhere near mad Max.

It’s a great spot to sit as there are multiple fans running providing a nice breeze.

Later we retire to the van have tea then it’s back to the bar to take in the final and what a final it was if your a Melbourne fan.  They really have been the best all year and  took that form in to the game blasting the opposition to take a well deserved result.

Off we went to bed and had an early night and just as well because in the morning there were lots of people up early.  I am talking before 7am!!

Not all of them were kids either, grown adults up and banging about.  We decide we may as well join them although we have nothing to bang.

A tea and coffee later and we leave the camp then stop at the fuel station to grab some more diesel even though we aren’t going far.

We drive to the end of the road where turn on to the Stuart Highway heading north to Bitter Springs near Mataranka.  This is a place we have been before and thoroughly enjoyed the hot springs which have a nice drift downstream and are crystal clear.  Thankfully the springs are not crazy hot like we had at Innit Springs where you could easily poach an egg in.  With the temperature forecasted to hit 39 degrees a dip will be a must along with some shade.

It’s an easy drive up the highway as we drive in to the Bitter Springs park we will be staying at and it’s again pretty quiet.  We have booked a powered site this time as we want to run our aircon.  We are told we can park in a massive area but avoid one section as there are fruit bats in the trees who stink and will both pee and shit all over the place.  

We drive around map in hand and get to a big site close to everything with a great amount of shade and no bats.  This will be home for the next three days.  We are not too sure if we will head further north due to the hot and wet season which we have heard is possibly a month early this year.

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