Our Wee Journey – North Queensland

Having settled in at Forrest Beach for the maximum allowed of two nights we spend those two nights enjoying beach walks although Kaz did do some trash collection whilst walking along which was carried to the nearest bin.

Our bus mates had family visiting them who were returning form Cape York.  Both couples had taken four wheel drives complete with caravans which were covered in the capes red dust.  They provided us with lots of information for when we get up to the cape ourselves although we won’t be taking our caravan and the bus will not be going up either.

Cape Dusted

We did travel in to the town of Ingham to refill one of our gas bottles and delver our Weber BBQ complete with gas bottle to a woman who bought it via Marketplace.  We have been on the road for some time now and have used the thing twice.  We decided we could not only use the room but also lose a touch more weight.  There wasn’t anything more to the town which much like a lot of the area survives on the local sugar cane industry.

Already it was another moving day.  This time we are on our way north again with a two hour drive to the town of Mena Creek.  Here we stayed close to the famous Paronella Castle at the RV Park.  We were supposed to go down to the bottom of the camp but there had been quite a lot of rain in the weeks before and we were allowed to park on a spot that isn’t a site usually which suited us as the bottom end looked pretty muddy.  Next door is also the local hotel where we later had some food which wasn’t that great but hunger makes good kitchen.

Our booking for the RV Park included two visits to Paronella Park, once during daylight that included a tour guide.  The second visit was made as darkness arrived and the place is lit up and we had a talk by the current owner followed by music and an amazing light show projected on to the main castle structure.  The place is certainly worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.  The story of the original person who constructed the place Jose Paronella, originally from Spain is quite a story.

Later we made it back to camp sat outside and watch the latest Survivor episode on tv.

We left the following morning headed north as usual to the Bonadio RV park in the Atherton Tablelands.  This great spot sits within a working farm and we will be here for four days.  On the way we stop in the town of Tully which is 140k south of Cairns.  It has the dubious claim to fame as the wettest place in Australia and is a cane sugar and banana growing area.  We have a walk around then spot a cafe which allows dogs and we grab some lunch before getting back on the road to Bonadio.  

This is one of the few occasions where we arrive first, get set up and greet the O’Neills as they arrive a short time later.  

We continually benefit from travelling with our bus mates as we tend to be given a huge area, this time is no different and we get a nice green grass area at the top of the site.  The farm has lots of people staying but in no way does it feel cramped or squashed in like a few of the big chains feel.  

In front is a massive paddock filled with dried corn which later was harvested and the smell this produced was amazing.

We also score great neighbours and as usual the bus provides great entertainment and is a bit of a magnet for people taking photos whilst asking the usual questions.  The bus is always our hub as Richo lights a fire and the big screen tv is great for the footy.  We also project the footy via Kayo when it’s not on poverty tv.

Within the farm is a river walk where apparently you can see Platypus but we never seen any when we went down a couple of times.  There is a great spot though for feeding pademelons.  We were advised to keep our banana skins as these little guys who look like a rat crossed with a kangaroo love them, there is also a container full of nuts which they grab and chew.  There are also heaps of bush chickens (scrub Turkeys) kicking about.  We will do a lot more touring in this area in the next few days so stay tuned for more.

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