Leaving Kenilworth Northbound

Finally the day arrived where we forced ourselves to leave Kenilworth.  We have had such a great relaxing time here where we met some really open minded funny people and enjoyed some laughs around the fire.  We know if we don’t leave now it would limit our time as we travel in relation to the heat followed by the wet season in the north of the country.

Before leaving we met up with Karen & Helge for breakfast.  We had a lot in common with them and our conversations always flowed easily.  We will definitely keep in touch as we continue our travels.

Todays road trip will sees us head to the coast for a change with Rainbow Beach the destination.

A mate of the O’Neills on the bus offered them an empty block to park at which our bus mates also offered to us which we grabbed.  We arrived at said block which was large enough to take both the bus, Landcruiser & caravan.  For once we arrived first due to the bus leaving a bit later.  The block was 3 streets from the beach and kind of level but was definitely a very sandy surface.  The neighbourhood looked pretty posh with some large houses with the usual boats and utes to tow them.  The immediate neighbour came out for a chat and offered us a power and water hook up from his house, amazing.  Across the road another one asked if we needed anything and where we were from.   We settled on a part of the block which we figured would leave enough room for the bus complete with trailer to reverse on to then went for a walk through the little town.  Feeling thirsty we headed in to the Deck a bar on a corner which had three levels.  The top level offered great views but as we had Max we could only use the ground level.  Still it was great, I had an alcoholic ginger beer and Kaz an Asahi. 

Deciding on some lunch we went to the local cafe chip shop where a lot of people were buying from.  One fish and chips was enough for us, we headed to the beach found a large rock to sit on then split our bounty between us.  Honestly both the fish and the chips were huge.  The fish was bright white, breaded and was lovely and thick but tender.  The view was pretty amazing with low tide and heaps of 4×4’s driving up and down.

By this time we reckoned our bus mates should be arriving soon so we headed back to the block.  Not long after the bus pulled in and surveyed the block.  Richo decided the best spot and decided to reverse on and up.  With lengths of wood placed to help lift it over the kerbs up it went reversing complete with trailer which had their Prado on board and that’s when it happened.

The heavy weight of bus and trailer combined to sink in to the deep soft sand where it remained bogged.  Poor Richo then had to dig around the rear driving wheels then tried to pull out with no luck as the wheel just spun without traction.  Luckily we have a pair of Max Tracks and take two involved stuffing them under the tyres where hopefully the would help to provide some grip but once again the wheel just spun.  Next idea was to try pulling it with our Landcruiser.  A snatch strap was added after out tow ball was removed and replaced by a heavier duty version.  With revs built up, the slack taken up, I floored it but the bus didn’t move an inch.  Rich then said “put it in 4 wheel drive” this done I selected the elec pwr option then floored it again.  This time the Landcruiser roared, gripped then dragged the bus on to the Max tacks with wheels spinning pulling it forward and out of its bogged position.  The bus was then removed from the block, parked back on the bitumen of the street to the amazement of the neighbours who had assured us that that car will not pull that bus out.  This then left the trailer with Prado on board to be removed which was completed easily.  Of course by this time we now had nowhere to stay tonight but Rachael had shown smarts and called the Big4, we grabbed two large sites then had to ask them to wait until we arrived as closing time was in 10 minutes.  Then with everything hooked back up including our van we all raced for the Big4.  The girl at reception had stayed past her finishing time to book us in, what an absolute legend.  To say a beer was needed would be an understatement.  This kind of drama we don’t want to repeat but at least we know we can get ourselves out of it if it does reappear. With darkness descending we get our sites set up and for a change have a welcome early night.

After a great and peaceful night where we slept like logs we take Max for a walk down to the boat ramp which is adjacent to the site.  On a beautiful sunny calm morning there are heaps of boats being dropped in to the water as each heads out hoping to land that dreamed of catch.  

We however have our minds on our own catch which is a bacon and egg roll complimented by a cup of hot coffee for me and tea for Kaz.  Max will enjoy his usual feed before waiting on the scraps from us.

Having only booked in for one night it’s up to the office to stay another night which is no problem and a bonus that we don’t need to change site.

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