Birthday, Roof Top Tent, Late Night

In a few weeks time our plan is to be ready to drive up to Cape York.  With this in mind we had a rethink about our ground tent and decided we would rather be off the ground.  With this in mind we got on to the 4WD Superstore to check out some rooftop tents.  Deciding on a 4 person one complete with awning we got the card out and confirmed that we would collect at our nearest store on the Sunshine Coast.

This entailed a drive of about 50 minutes which was really easy.  The guys at the store helped us get it out of the packaging as we could fit it there and then.  This sounded great to us but when it was unwrapped then thrown on to our roof rack the two guys left us on our own to fit it.  This was never going to happen.  We just put our ratchet straps on and headed back to Kenilworth.

Richo our bus mate has one of these tents on his Prado.  He knows his way around them and was a blessing when he fitted ours with a tiny bit of assistance from me.

Richo and Rachael not only printed some stickers for the Land cruiser and caravan promoting our online sites but also fitted then as well.  

The ground tent we advertised and sold very quickly on Marketplace to a great buyer who turned up on time and without drama.  Next to go was the fire pit we purchased as we are sticking to our somethings in equals something out plan and once again bought by a top bloke.

We also had to move as the site we are on was booked out by the Queensland caravan club who are also taking over the middle of the entire camp area we are in.

On the 5th of July we celebrated my birthday.  I have to say I have never had so many people come and wish me happy birthday as I have at this camp.  From kids to adults all took time to celebrate it.  I also received many birthday wishes from home in Scotland and from Facebook friends.  Also a jazzy birthday collaboration from Brian, Rhonda and Keelen back in Geelong which was funny to watch.  Our bus mates surprised me with a 1kg donut cake complete with candles and gifted me an amazing personal stubby holder.  

Later we went to the local pub and enjoyed some food with great company.  Drinks were enjoyed including a wicked cocktail which was too easy to drink.  Later we returned to the big bus which has a wicked gazebo.  A fire was lit, we had some great tunes, a singalong and were joined by another couple of travellers and had some great laughs.  Amazingly and stupidly we eventually headed for bed at 2:30am!!  

Not the best pic but you get the idea.

Me Richo and Joe were the last men standing in fact we were the last ones period as all the smart people went to bed hours earlier.  It was however a great day and night which we all enjoyed.

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