Bunnings, Brisket Pies and COVID

Having survived another night of constant rain which still continues this morning, we have to venture outside on to the saturated grounds to give Max a walk.

Then having watched a video by trip in a van on YouTube showing a simple way to add a washing line to an awning we head to Bunnings in Gympie.

Having collected all the bits required we head back via the town of Imbil once more.  

There is a Deli in town who produce fantastic gourmet brisket pies which we are dying to try.  We did try before and the place was closed but this time we are in luck as we catch it just before it closes.  Our luck is in again as there are only two of the pies left.  

Instead of going straight back to Kenilworth we sit in a little covered wooden gazebo in the town and tuck in to the pies.  I can confirm that they didn’t disappoint and taste amazing with fluffy pastry, a crispy crust and stuffed with chunks of melt in the mouth brisket covered in a tasty gravy.  Definitely recommend these, they are delicious.

Amazingly on the way back the rain stops which is very much welcomed.  It will at least help the grounds lose some of the water but will take several days to dry out.

We then get news that a person with COVID has visited Kenilworth.  We are yet to find out exactly where in the town but rumour has it that it might have been the pub.  The advice is to monitor yourself and if any symptoms at all, then get tested immediately.   We will have to keep watch in case the advice changes and tests are ordered which would result in a 14 day quarantine for us.

tonight our bus mates informed us they were having a quiet one tonight just as we were about to tell them the same thing. Tomorrow we will be up early and head to the coast to collect an item we have purchased.

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