Queensland Lockdown, Kenilworth

As expected a lockdown was called in Queensland but luckily only for 3 days at this stage.  To be honest the only difference it made to us was the number of people heading out of the camp.  It was quite funny watching a large group from a caravan club working feverishly like ants packing up we assume to get home before the lockdown measures take effect.  

Caravan Club Packing Up

Kaz took a walk in to the town with Max and already people were walking around wearing masks.  Later we did some panic buying, the beer fridge was our main concern and amazingly the bottle shop was quiet.  We did add some of the usual needy items of food but we travel from major towns stocked up pretty much. We also extended our stay here until 11/07/2021 just ensure we avoid most of the herd on school holidays. We will have to move next Wednesday as the entire camp has been booked out by the Queensland Caravan Club who are having a huge meeting.

At times like these we are very lucky to be self contained with bathroom and shower in the van.  

Next morning we walk up to the bakers only to find it closed and the usually bustling street is pretty much deserted with a couple of the cafes supplying takeaway coffee and a certain amount of food.  The local supermarket however is open meaning supplies should not be an issue. 

Main Street Deserted.

Our Showgrounds are now closed and people who could not leave before the lockdown are now stuck at least until Friday.  It is also not possible to enter the Showgrounds or leave unless in an emergency.

So not much to report other than this so I have added a few pic’s around the place.

See our Facebook group – our wee journey

Imbil Railway Bridge

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