Booloumba Falls, Queensland

With the increasing chance of a Covid lockdown or increased restrictions in Queensland, we head today to do some 4×4 driving.  Our mates Richo and Rachael will lead the way and us novices will follow along.

We are heading close to the park where we seen the Fig Trees but this time we turn and take the road towards the Booloumba Falls.

The road starts off pretty straight forward although part single track then it changes to dirt then on to some rough stones.  Then we come to an open gate with a sign which states “4×4 only ahead” and in front is a river crossing that Richo reckons is not too deep and if we are happy to have a go, follow them in.

Although this is what we bought this car for we are still a little nervous as we drive in.  This is the point when we will miss the ARB snorkel that we have been waiting to fit even before the trip had begun.  As we watch Richo (with snorkel fitted) continue on we follow on and with the car plunging deeper in to the water we are relieved as it crosses complete with bow wave then climbs up and on to the opposite side without any drama.  The road then becomes more dirt, stones and some big holes to navigate.  We are glad to be doing a tag along with our mates as we might have hit some holes and dips a bit too fast.   Then before we know it we have another water crossing but as we are now experts we cross without hesitation and are having a great time laughing as we go.

After quite some time we arrive at the car park that has a few other 4×4 cars parked and begin the 1.5km walk to the falls.  This is a bit up and down but has a massive drop on it’s left hand side.  We arrive and had envisaged the falls to be higher, they are however spectacular and on a hot day would be a dream to swim in.  We spend a bit of time taking photos and videos then climbing around the massive rocks surrounding the water.  Its then a repeat all the way back to the main road including the two river crossings and reverse holes and dips.

After returning to camp we all decided that tonight there will be no fire.  Instead we can all enjoy an early night.

To watch the video of the river crossing go to our Facebook Group – Link Below

Thanks far all the likes everyone. 👍

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