Kenilworth, Maleny Queensland

Today we are on the road, caravan free for a change and head out on the Maleny Kenilworth Road towards Maleny.   On the way we stop off at Fig Tree Walk in the Blackall Range.  The walk is nice and short at 1100M with a clean path which takes you through a deep forest to the amazing Moreton Bay Fig trees around.  Bizarrely there is a tree here called the Giant Stinging Tree who’s heart shaped leaves can give you a severe skin issue and worse if you were to breath in the spores would result in severe breathing problems.  

We then take a drive on a fantastic road through some equally spectacular scenery then through the busy town of Maleny and reach Gardners Falls.  This place is a very popular spot for swimming on hot days and we see a couple of boys using a rope swing to crash in to the deeper part of the falls.  This place is within a National park and as such Max has to remain in the car but thankfully the car park is pretty close and he is not left for long before we are back.  

We then return to Maleny grab some supplies and head back to Kenilworth where we are based.

Wooly Cows of Maleny

As we drive back in to our spot we are met by a scene next to us where we have new neighbours in a camping trailer who appear to have eight children most under five.  The kids are running around all over the place in front of our van and we have to drive in at a crawl as the parents attempt to round them up.  We are happy to discover later that they are only here for a couple of nights and the kids are shared by two couples.

To get some peace and quiet we head up to the O’Neills on the bus go round and round bus where we are charged with getting tonight’s fire going.  We walk around camp, find some sticks to use as kindling which we use with our fire lighters and actually manage to get the thing lit before the Richo and Rachael return. The two of us are then introduced to a new game called Rummy-o and with expert training we surprisingly manage to win a couple

of games before we bring the curtain down on another day on the road.

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