North to Kenilworth, Queensland

Having spent a couple of nights in Ipswich the time arrives for us to move on.  Today we are heading to the town of Kenilworth.

The drive should be pretty simple but busy in places as we navigate our way through Brisbane.  The cars gps then decides to send us in a wrong direction that takes us off the M1 too early and we end up climbing up hills then down some huge gradients which makes the cars brakes increasingly hotter.  We decide to stop and let them cool down then head back to the M1 and take the route we should have taken via Eumundi.

We drive through what is the tiny town centre passing the renowned local bakery famed for it’s donuts including a 1K version.  If you manage to eat it all of you pay nothing and receive a Souvenir plaque. They also have some cool artwork outside.

Arriving at the entrance we have to stop then call the number provided and we are instructed to reverse back out and head for another section of the park.  As we get there we see that our bus mates are already there due to our gps stuff up.  We are the joined by a guy called Wombat who ensures we are in the correct spot and he gives us a few ground rules then heads off again.  In this section of the park there is also a large get together by a caravan club with another club arriving in the next few days.

We set up in no time as we have had heaps of practice up to this point.  As we might be here for two weeks depending on the vibe of the place we decide we will attach our new annex to the van.  This will provide almost double our covered living space.

Then it happened.  As we try and get the annex to fit, it all seems a bit tight and we are having to put a great deal of effort in to getting things to mesh.  We quickly suspect that the company have provided an incorrect front wall as there is about six inches of extra material in it.  We press on though and there is no way we can get it done.  We have now been trying this for about three hours and decide to abandon it and revisit it in the morning.  Next day we take the annex down completely as we have watched a how to on the companies website.  We follow the instructions and again after another three hours we throw in the towel .  

I call the company who tell us that someone will come out to inspect and report on the problem.  I tell them that we are taking it down, they ask us to send some pictures highlighting the problem.  We do as requested and they say someone has had a dyslexic moment and have provided us an annex that will not fit our van.  To say we are annoyed would be an understatement.  They then tell us that it will be corrected by someone visiting us on the seventh of July.  When quizzed further they tell us that only the front wall will be swapped and I inform them that there are also  other pieces missing and we would prefer to have the complete annex replaced with an all new one which is what we have paid for.  As I write this we have had no other contact from the company.

Having spent just about every moment since we arrived messing about with annex we are pretty knackered and head for a hot shower and a cold refreshment.

We then head over to the bus mates who have a cracking fire going and we have quite a few wines before it’s bedtime on another day on the road.

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