Glenugie to Lawrence & Maclean

Today we decided to take a drive to the towns of Lawrence and Maclean.  We had an idea that we might want to make a stop in these two but we thought since we had time we would visit both without the need to stay.

We kept the road to Lawrence interesting by staying off the freeway which entailed us getting on a ferry to cross the river over to Lawrence.  The ferry only held about a dozen cars and the river crossing took all of 5 minutes.

The Lawrence stop was supposed to be at the Lawrence Tavern which sits close to the river and when we arrived to take a look we were glad we didn’t bother bringing the van.  After a short walkabout, and I mean short as there was very little to see, we then motored on to Maclean.

Maclean named itself “The Scottish Town in Australia”, it has 200 tartan painted power poles and hosts a Scottish Highland games competition complete with pipe bands.  To avoid looking at every pole we head in to the information centre where we get a map of the town which shows every tartan painted pole and their location.  Lucky for us the Graham and MacDonald ones are pretty close together as the town has some pretty steep hills.

Later we treat ourselves to fish and chips which we scoff up at the towns viewpoint in Lions Park.  The views are spectacular over the Clarence river and surrounds

Before long it’s time to return to Glenugie and start to pack up as tomorrow we will move on.

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