Nana Glen, NSW

After a leisurely morning we are back in to it and today’s destination is the little town of Nana Glen. A tiny town but a real nice place to visit which we were tipped off about by the O’Neills with the bus. On the way we head in to the town of Kempsey and collect some supplies. Surprisingly this included food and no alcohol. As we were making good time and our spot was booked we stopped on the way north at Nambucca Heads. We are amazed at the views this place has to offer and the vibe is definitely chilled with an abundance of beaches around. It is however pretty steep in places and tight to get round but worth the hassle. We motor on but decide that we have to return here for at least a few days, it’s not like we are in any hurry.

We head through a number of country roads and having checked out another place then move on. We arrive at the Nana Glen Sports Recreation & Equestrian Centre and are welcomed by the O’Neills on the bus waving and directing us in. We meet Lee who is the caretaker for John the owner.

Lee welcomes us with a big smile and an immediate chilled outlook whilst inviting us to set up wherever we like on this huge property. Like old hands now we set up in record time although we needed John to provide a very long extension cable to hook us up to power but as the water is from the creek we decide we will use our own tanks. Later on we head over to the bus and continue where we left off last time. As the night went on we started to think about food. No worries says Rachael who then makes the most amazing toastier with her machine. Sceptical at first at the contents, I can tell you they are so tasty and as I write this post I am imagining me eating one right now. The pig I am I managed to down two off them, yum. As darkness descended we sat around the huge tv and took in an afl game then it was off to bed.

Not sure Max likes his hat

The following day is a big day for Nana Glen as it’s Bale Day and we are set up at the venue where all the activities will take place. John drops by in the actual Jeep used in the advert on tv for Jeep staring Jack Thompson. He also has a few other Jeep vehicles in his collection of stuff.

later the event gets underway with 2000 people in attendance and surprisingly it is a free event. There is a gold coin donation for parking although most folks just line their cars along the boundary fence. We head over a bit later as we figure with all the food trucks in attendance we may as well eat here and support the traders.

There is face painting, a screaming castle, machinery on show, Jeep’s of course. Whilst eating our food we take in the aboriginal smoking ceremony in front of the bonfire which will be lit after dark.
There is also a stage set up and a few singers are doing their stuff and we have a good stroll around. With the announcement made that the bonfire is about to be lit we sprint round to grab a good spot. A group of aboriginal people have lit a small fire in an urn which they will light the fire with but as they attempt it the fire is just not lighting!! We then hear the Indian drummers firing up and parading past what should have been a bonfire. Looks like they were sent on early as a distraction from the non fire.

The drummers were very good and also had three fire dancers doing their thing alongside a number of other dancers. By this time the aboriginal people brought out a leaf blower and finally managed to get the bonfire lit.

It was then time for the main event on stage which was a Creedence Clearwater Tribute band who were very good.

think they might turn the smoke machine down a bit next time as the band members were disappearing from view a few times. With a decision made to go back south again to Nambucca Heads tomorrow we have an early night

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