Nambucca Heads

Having had a great time at Nana Glen we are actually heading south back to Nambucca Heads. On the way we drop in to Coffs Harbour as today there is a market on. We wondered if it would be possible for us to park as we have the caravan attached. Turning in we are happy to see a bus parked and motored on through to find a spot. The market had all the usual stuff plus a stage with a singer. Unfortunately I think every dog owner in Coffs Harbour have decided to visit the market today. This puts us and Max on edge so we decide to leave and take a stroll along the boardwalk which is crazy busy but has less dogs.

Heading back to the van we grab a couple of breakfast rolls then take a drive to the far side of the bay and take another walk around the sea break with it’s massive concrete blocks.  We loved the boom the ocean made as it smashed in to the blocks in an attempt to knock them over.

Back on the road we make good time and arrive at the Ingenia White Albatross holiday park where we had booked in for a couple of nights but we decided to increase this and made it for four nights.  This place is in a great location for touring the area and the site were allocated and the people next to us was outstanding.  It even has a Bar/Restaurant at the entrance.

Whilst here we travel back to Coffs Harbour as we had quite a few things to get done.  First was to swap our rear view/reverse camera monitor at Jayco which they swapped out without issue.  Having this new monitor will save us a heap of hassle which we have suffered since we fitted the thing.  We then headed to the 4WD Superstore where purchased a fire pit and carry bag.  Then it was off to Bunnings for a few items.  On the way back we took a couple of diversions first to the big banana then in to the town of Uranga which was forgettable but at least we gave Max a good run with his frisbee. We returned to camp and had a good walk along the V Wall which is a huge wall of rocks as a defence against the rough seas. People have been allowed to cover them in positive art which makes for a good read.

Next day we headed down to the local shopping centre where we heard we could get our first COVID jab.  We were lucky as we managed to get the last two available.   These are the AstraZeneca version which Kaz reported hers to be easy whilst mine felt like a dry needle type.  Later we both developed mild headaches but I had a big increase in temperature which then escalated to getting chills and then the shakes with muscle spasms which resulted in me heading to bed.  Luckily for me I woke about 2 hours later and felt pretty fine but retained a bit of a headache.  I also could not get back to sleep for at least 3 hours.  Overall we both felt a bit funny for the next few days.

We will stay here before once again heading north to the little town of Glenugie just south of Grafton.

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