Tuncurry/Foster Caravan Repair

After one of our shorter drives we arrived at Tuncurry and headed straight for the RV Repair Centre.

These guys were outstanding and extremely confident they would fix our 240 power failure which was supposed to have been fixed $380 dollars ago at Lake Hume. They also agreed to have a look at why our solar wasn’t operating. We unhooked the van then made our way to a cafe where we scoffed breakfast. No sooner had we finished when the call came to go back to the RV Centre. Once again we had to replace the 240 input plus complete with RCD. Problem was they didn’t have one and another problem was that they would need permission from Jayco to carry out the repair under warranty. At this point I called the nearest Jayco which was 80k’s away in Newcastle. The good news was they had the item and we either can drive down and collect it or they would send it via Fastway Couriers. We decided we would let then send it but that meant we would hang around until completed.
We then headed to Sporties, a club just round the corner where we could park up until the repair is done. We managed to get permission to stay for more then the 48 hours which is usually the limit. At 10.00 a night it’s a bargain.

Only issue is trying not to frequent the club too often although we did take out a membership which gave us discounts as well as a few others perks. We were lucky enough to win three raffles which equaled three meat trays.

Another good thing here is the beach which is 200 yards from the club which Max loved to run on with his frisbee.

long story short, the part arrived was fitted and the 240 power was restored. Thankfully this was done under warranty. The solar power is a different problem and we were advised it would have to be looked at by a Jayco workshop. We will get this done at Watsons Jayco, Port Macquarie.

With the van fixed (sort of) our time allowed at Sporties had expired and we moved over the river to Forster and the Secura Lifestyle park. This camp had huge grassed sites and the amenities were spotless. It also sits on the river with fantastic views, sunrises and sunsets.

We were given a site which included Foxtel which in reality we didn’t watch a lot of but it came in the package.
I called Watsons to book the caravan in to have the solar looked at and they said it would be at least four weeks till they could look at it. Having told them this was unacceptable they thankfully agreed to check it when we arrive in Port Macquarie.

over this side of the river Sporties has a sister club which is much larger and we head in to check it out. The people who met us at the reception couldn’t have been nicer and promptly gave us a guided tour of the club with all the various activities, bars and restaurants. We actually bought tickets for and had a great night with a beautiful pizza then took in an INXS tribute band who were really good and really loud.

The next day we prepared to once again head north and so packed most things away and hooked up the van. In the morning we left early and headed for Watsons where we hoped the solar issue would be sorted.


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