Port Macquarie Solar Fix

Arrived at Watsons Caravans Port Macquarie.  We unhooked the van as instructed and left to meet up with our bus buddies the O’Neills who had stayed in Port Macquarie the previous night.  They gave us the good oil in that there weren’t many places to stay in the town but they might stay one more night but might not.

Within an hour Watsons called and said the van was ready for collection and we headed straight back.  On arrival they informed us that they had tested the solar system and had found it working as it was supposed to.  Let’s just say that we were happy that it was working fixed or not.  We also have a problem with the monitor for our rear view and reverse cameras.  Without issue Watsons swapped our monitor with a brand new one which worked perfectly.  Obviously we had been given a faulty monitor from the start.  They then said that they couldn’t let us have this new monitor as they only had one.  Again they were extremely helpful and told us to head to the Watsons branch at Coffs Harbour where we were heading to at some point as we travel north as usual.

Having spoken to the O’Neills re staying in Port Macquarie we decided to leave here and with the help of WikiCamps headed to the town of Goolawah which is an easy drive and we get there pretty quickly and choose a site to park.  There weren’t many folks around and the ones who were there were pretty spaced out.  This is a cheap option at $18.00 for a location which sits almost on the beach.  Another advantage of this one is that we don’t have to unhook from the van making departure a lot easier when we leave next morning.  We took a stroll along a short path lined by trees which opened up on to a beautiful white sandy beach.  Unfortunately on the way back having watched some surfers catching waves the rain started to fall.  The rain got quite persistent and we had no choice but to remain in the van.  This is no bad thing as we got the dominoes out and enjoyed some great rounds.  For the record Kaz won 10-5 then it was lights out and fell asleep listening to the ocean waves.

The dawn arrived next morning bringing with it a stunning sunrise and the views we’re breathtaking.  We packed up and once again we were on the road north

See more at Facebook Group – our wee journey

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