Lake Macquarie- Big4 Mannering Park

Having arrived here with rain falling reasonably heavy still, we were able to watch some other people struggling whilst putting up camper trailers and tents as we just slotted in pressed the button on our automatic awning which glided out and gave us enough shelter to sit outside.  This place sits next to Lake Macquarie with lovely views and bird life around.  The facilities were pretty good but more importantly were also clean.  We have a few permanent residents around us who look as if they are being invaded with all the action going on.  The place also has more ducks than a Peking restaurant.

We go for a stroll now that the rain has stopped and stretch the legs of both ourselves and of course Max.

We then finish off setting the van up and sorting out our stuff. Due to arriving here a little later than usual darkness is now descending and we stay at the van and watch all the new folks start to turn on music, light fires, open beers or wine.  Next to us we have a group of South Africans who are getting in to the spirit of things in addition to them we have a group of Chinese folks who have the brightest lights ever seen in a camp and get increasingly loud which the permanent folks I don’t think appreciated.  So much so that I witnessed them having a word with the staff about the noise the next morning.  It didn’t bother us as they are young and just having a good time.  South Africans the same, loud but just enjoying themselves.

Next morning we head out to get some exercise and luck on to a short woodland walk which takes us eventually out to the Norah Head Lighthouse behind which are some amazing views of the ocean.  The waves are crashing on to the rocks as crazy people teeter on the edge whilst fishing.  

Later we get down to the beach where Max as usual loves to get in the water with his frisbee.

Later in the week we have some welcome visitors with Kate and Jeremy and kids dropping in from Sydney for the day and we once again return to the Norah Head Lighthouse to do the same walk and this time spend some more time exploring rock pools.

Back at camp Barney & Queenie decide that they would like to get in the freezing water of the swimming pool.  Then it’s snags and chicken wings on the bbq for lunch.  Unfortunately Our visitors have to leave and return to Sydney and again we are on our own.  Things pretty much follow the previous nights events and we sit and plan our next move on our road through NSW to Queensland.

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