Bulahdelah Bowling Club

Following our bible ‘WikiCamps’ we made our way to the town of Bulahdelah and the excellent Bulahdelah Bowling Club.  This place deservedly gets some very good feedback.  We received a warm welcome and informed we could choose to park wherever we liked and even though the place has had a large amount of rain the higher ground was still pretty solid and the site we chose was a perfect line to the club rooms.

On this occasion we chose to save some cash, use our solar power and onboard water.  This would be the first time we have used the solar for any more than one day.  Later we we popped in to the club for a refreshment and at the same time spotted a fabulous outdoor fire which we quickly returned to for some heat and the chance to meet some more travellers.  Glad to say everyone round the fire were in a chatty mood and we shared some great laughs.  As most folks had enough and headed to bed it was us and the O’Neills who are a Victorian couple travelling like us but are doing so so in a massive bus which is a palace on wheels.  They also have a couple of young kids in tow as well as a Prado.  We had a great final part of the night laugh before we got off to bed for the night.  

We discovered the next day that our 240v and solar were not working properly and Richo O’Neil being an electrician had a look at it for us.  He then went out of his way by running a very long cable to our cable which gave us 240v power and also charged our solar power to 100% overnight.  We spent the rest of the following day arranging for it be fixed at our next destination which was Forster/Tuncurry

Facebook Group – our wee journey

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