Leaving Freeborough.

Having spent an amazing few days here already it is time to move on and we are up early where Kaz cooks up a magnificent breakfast of egg, Bacon, black pudding, toast, orange juice tea and coffee. This was devoured speedily and having packed up earlier we are ready to grab one more stop at the Freeborough Market. To be honest blink and you would miss it although the thing got lively when the local fire guys got a call and they legged it to the truck then left with lights on and sirens blaring. Shortly after it was time for more goodbyes. Brian and Rhonda heading back to Geelong and us taking the road north to Lake Hume, NSW. A bit surreal crossing the border after so long. Glad to be heading north to hopefully sunnier weather.

After a short drive we arrive at the Lake Hume caravan park. We have a great deal here of stay 14 days pay for 7. This is a place we have been before and thoroughly enjoyed. We get to our allocated site and are pleased to see that we have four empty spots next us and the camp kitchen just along a bit which is spotless and well equiped. Max is keen to get down to the lake with his frisbee and he is in and out having a splashing time. I then throw the frisbee a little further out where he decided one of us can fetch it. I wade in and the water is getting deeper as I reach the frisbee I lose my balance fall forward and the water is up past my waist which Kaz finds hilarious.

Later, Kaz gets a call from a friend Sarah who’s family live across the lake and we head round for a visit. The property is a stunner with impressive grounds and a swimming pool to boot. We spend a few hours and head off back to our tiny home in the dark having viewed a fantastic sunset. We will meet up later in the week at the local pub for dinner.

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