Freeborough, Victoria

Today, morning arrived with a bit of a kick and a low 4 degree outside temperature.  It was however bright and sunny.  Our intention this morning was to sort out the gear we are carrying between cold, hot and hotter.  We managed this after about three hours, sorting both the inside of the car and van then the roof top storage bags.  These have been really good and we would recommend them so far.  With that job completed we head to the nearby town of Bright and find a spot for some food and coffee.  The drive in is breathtaking with the tree lined roads full of amazing autumn colours.  The town is bustling with tourists including ourselves all lapping up the great vibe.

We are hooking up with Family today, Brian, Rhonda and of course Hazel and Lily(Max’s cousins😜) arrive later in the afternoon. Perfect time for us to start 5 O’clock cocktails a bit early and enjoy the show of them setting up their roof top and ground tents (we did offer to help honestly).  Once set up we enjoy some  music and chat.  Brian provided a big surprise by opening a bottle of tawny port from @Rockford wines which is a beautiful drop.  This was demolished in no time and then it was time for bed.

Next day we headed to the market at Mount Beauty. Again a spectacular drive with amazing colours all of it along the twisting and turning road.  Having negotiated our way past the crochet tables adorned with toilet roll holders we found the Jam and chutneys woo hooo, some crazy concoctions going on here.  We then headed back to Bright for lunch which is now even busier and lots of places are booked out for lunch.  We manage to find a spot where Max and the other dogs would be allowed and grab some much needed food.  The bright local talent show is on and all we hear is bagpipes. With the Melbourne Pipe band doing a bit of a gig still not sure who won.
next stop was the Alpine apples orchard where they produce some of the best cider in the country as well as their super tasty apples. Time for some beers @bright brewery. Then back to the Freeborough for more 5 o’clock cocktails and chat. Now some of you may know but Max is not the most sociable 12 year old puppy🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️so this was his first time meeting the cousins let’s just say they are working it out still😳

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