Bright, Victoria

After leaving friends and family we took off and headed towards Melbourne, joined the western ring road then the Hume highway north to the Victorian alps region. This would be probably our longest drive which with stops would take five hours. This might demonstrate the sheer size of Australia. The drive was great with no incidents as we drove being overtaken by hundreds of trucks.

All important fuel and tyre pressure check.

We stayed 8k out of Bright in the little hamlet of Freeborough for three nights.  This is a place we have visited before but always wanted to return in Autumn to see all the colours changing on the trees.  We were certainly were not disappointed.  I will let the pictures do the talking as I don’t have words good enough to do them justice.  

We had Thursday to ourselves and spent some time sorting out all the stuff we are carrying in to some order.  Hopefully soon we can pack away our winter gear and live in our singlets and shorts as we head north.  

Having set up the van as usual and with darkness descending soon we head inside where Kaz attempts to turn on the interior lights and, nothing.  None of the lights turn on and we have a slight panic having only just started the trip.  We check fuses, then the control box where all seems good.  Kaz suggests we ask the question of the Jayco Journey group brains trust on Facebook.  So on I go and ask said question only for Kaz to press the power button for a second time and all the lights come on.  Answers are arriving amazingly fast and I then have to confess to our rookie mistake.  By this time we are both relieved, happy but also tired and decide we would have a ridiculously early night.

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