Moved Out Yesterday

We completed a major step yesterday when we finally left the house with everything now in storage with our great tenants eager to move in. Now we will get a few final pieces of work completed on the car and the caravan gets it’s first service b4 we start the trip on the 29th of April. First stop will be the beautiful town of Freeborough which is close to larger town of Bright in North East Victoria. A great time to visit as in autumn the trees display an amazing blaze of colour.

you can see in this pic that we finally received the brackets we had waited for which allowed us to first our awning do the roof rack. Was a bit tricky but we managed to get it done.

Easter Weekend

We got lucky and managed to get a spot at the Torquay Foreshore Park for the Easter weekend.  We were given a site which was not the best being so close to quite a number of permanent residents but as I say we were lucky to get a spot.  

Having parked our van and semi set it up we returned to Geelong and Karen drove our friends van down and parked it next to us.

The entire weekend weather couldn’t have been better with lots of sunshine and great temperatures.  It was so good that we managed to visit the beach and even enjoyed a swim at Jan Juc which was a great way to cool off.  

Thursday night we dined at the Torquay hotel which like everywhere else was exceptionally busy but everything we ordered was delivered without too long a wait.  Later we returned to camp enjoyed a few drinks with out friends who we have spent Easter  together with for quite a few years then it was lights out on day one.

Friday dawned sunny and beautiful.  We cooked up our breakfast then went through and out of the camp where we enjoyed a great walk along the Torquay foreshore accompanied by a large number of dogs in every shape and size.  In the afternoon it was back to Jan Juc for a swim and some boogie boarding.  

Then a return to camp and a big cook up of fish and chips cooked on our air fryers which was delicious.

Not long after the Torquay hotel DJ cranked up the music to LOUD then the base to TURBO where we suffered the doof doof racket until we went to bed around 11:30pm.

Unfortunately on Saturday a couple with 2 kids seemed to be having some domestic issues.  The woman was screaming her head off at what we assumed was her Partner/Husband who just let her scream at him and continued to call home everything but a gentleman.  Several people around camp started to get worried about the situation as the language used was deplorable.  Several minutes later the camp manager arrived and had a chat to both parties which seemed to take the steam out of the argument.  For the remainder of our time there she scoured at anyone and everyone whilst trying to guess which person had informed the manager.

Later we did our usual and headed for the beach which again was the best place to be and we all had a swim amongst some choppier waves

In the evening we had some friends visit, we sat round camp, cooked up some food on the Webber and enjoyed some laughs before all too soon it was bedtime.

With daylight savings happening this weekend we knew we would be tired in the morning but we were woken up by quite a few small kids going nuts whilst taking part in an Easter egg hunt.  We were then shocked to see that the time was 6:30 am!!  These kids will then stuff themselves with chocolate, sugar and a screaming pandemic will happen later as tiredness mixed with a horrendously early start time hits them.

We decided today that the weather was not as suitable for more beach time so we headed out for a walk around Torquay and did some window shopping.  On the way back we stopped off at the Torquay Hotel for some drinks this time in the beer garden which was bathed in some welcome sunshine.  

Returning to camp and with tomorrow being home day we decided to have drinks again but had an earlier bedtime.  

Having fell asleep really early I was woke up bu a few patrons of the hotel having a shouting match where a fight ensued with lots more shouting and women screaming her lungs out.  This was 1am as the noise faded in to the distance I expected to hear the police arriving but didn’t hear any more and thankfully fell fast asleep.  How Karen managed to sleep through the racket I have no idea but she did.

It seemed to be no time at all and Easter Monday and home time had arrived.  We reversed our set up process and in no time we we’re heading home and looking forward to our next trip.