Bendigo Wednesday

Early rise today as I have to drop the car off at ARB in Kangaroo Flat on the other side of Bendigo from Epsom.

I grabbed Max for a walk before emptying the car and headed off in to the traffic. I managed to arrive at ARB unscathed and only 9:15am.  Darren from ARB then dropped me back at the caravan park and promised he would pick me up the next day if the work has been completed.

Now car less we took Max and headed out for a walk to the nearest small shopping area to grab some supplies and whilst there gave Max a run and a play with his favourite frisbee.

Arriving back at camp Kaz decided she would be brave and head for a swim in the pool where the temperature is akin to the North Sea.  Having got changed and grabbing a towel, Kaz stepped out the van and managed to lose her balance twisting her ankle and badly straining her foot. 

So yep the North Sea swim get’s abandoned and I step up to the plate as a runner for the remainder of the trip.  

The Neighbours behind spotted the patient and offered an ice pack which we could keep for future falls which I guaranteed them there would be.

We had a couple of spaces either side of us and soon enough two vans arrived one which was the same as our old model and the other being a huge van much bigger than ours. We thought this will be interesting as they started their reversing, we were half impressed and half annoyed not to say embarrassed as they reversed in one fluid movement.  We did find out later that they were ex truck drivers which gave us back some credit. Shortly after another van arrived on the our other side, the woman got out the car and came straight over to us and informed us that we were in the site she had just been allocated (flashback to yesterday when we moved site). The guys who moved us had not informed the office about our move so they had allocated the site again.  Most people wouldn’t be too bothered but this lady was not one of them, huffing, puffing them walking off in the direction of the office.  She returned shortly after and once again reversed without issue in to the space we had so much grief trying to get in to.

The old lady across from us in one of the little cabin houses then appeared and shouted Max over to come and see her, Max though was less than happy with this and gave the poor woman a good barking at.  To her credit she didn’t appear to give a stuff at his tactics and requested that I bring him over to her.  Can’t say I was that enamoured but walked him over where he quickly got the tail wagging and was all over her like a cheap suit.

Turned out she was Irish by decent but she was born a dinky Di Australian.  Her name was Bernie not Bernadette as there was another person along the road who was named Bernadette whom she did not want to be confused with. Bernie then noticed Kaz with her bandaged up ankle and ended up providing a few books and a piece of cake.  What a lovely gesture.

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