Bendigo Tuesday

Arrived at the Gold Nugget Park about 1:30 as we had made good time with Kaz expertly at the helm today.  The traffic was kind to us and we managed a stop for Max to add to the local tree mail and have a drink in Daylesford.

On arrival we managed to miss the entry road to the park then compounded that by entering via the exit, luckily no one was exiting and we managed to sneak through without any dramas.

Check in was simple although we were placed way down at the opposite end of the park but happy as we would be well away from the screaming pillow, pool and games area.

And that’s when it happened.

We drove down the narrow road to our site which had permanent residents along it.  

Not the usual type accomodation which normally consist of an ancient caravan which has a myriad of additions made to it.

These are little weatherboard cabins complete with porches, little gardens, carports and  garages.

Finding our spot we stepped out and gave it a good looking over whilst planning our reversing strategy.  Satisfied with our plan Kaz started reversing with me directing and it just went shit house, we pulled forward a heap of times but couldn’t seem to get the correct angle.  Now there were a few obstacles in our way like a pole and a tree but these are just excuses.  Stupid me the decided I would do the reversing and ffs we could not get in to the space.  I think it was making so much noise in front of a little old ladies cabin that we suspect she must’ve called the park as a couple of guys turned up and instructed us to try reversing in to the next space which we managed to do.  (This would come back to haunt us later). This stuff up probably took at least 30 mins but we were relieved to have got it done and could do the simple part of setting the van up.  We hugged out again… but Karen’s was a bit more of a crush this time.  This of course is gold for everyone who witnessed it and would have been for us.

As the car will be dropped at ARB in the morning for the scheduled work to be do done, I headed off and added some fuel to save me time in the morning.  I also grabbed the chance to get some supplies whilst close to Woolworths b4 returning to camp and emptying the car.

We have watched lots of people at camps sitting outside watching TV and our time has arrived as we had added this as an option when ordering the van.  With the evening temperature making it a really great thing to enjoy with a nice glass of wine whilst watching the sunset.

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