Back To Bendigo

heading back to Bendigo to get some 4×4 accessories fitted to the Landcruiser at ARB. These will be a bull bar, oil catch can and an additional fuel filter. We were also supposed to get a snorkel fitted but ARB couldn’t get one in time and we don’t have much time to wait before we are out of our house and hit the road. We will get one fitted as we travel.

This time in Bendigo we are heading to a new park, The Gold Nugget at Epsom which is not far from the place we usually stay.

Hopefully it is nice and peaceful although it does have a screaming pillow for kids and a pool which apparently is freezing. We will take Max with us again to get him used to being on the road. This time it will only be Tuesday till Friday and we are glad to have an ARB courtesy car for that period.
we are slowly ticking off our to do list as we really need to get a lot of stuff done still. We have great tenants moving in to our house on the first of May and we will be permanent gypsies thereafter.

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