Echuca – A few days

Up at 5:45am for the drive back to camp with Max from Geelong and have to walk Max, feed Max, load toys for Max, beds for Max a nd get Max in to the car phew.  The drive was uneventful with no rescuing of animals needed and passed through all the roadworks without much delay.  Arriving back at camp for the reuniting of Max and Kaz then a walk in to town to let Max add to the local Peemail.Visited Cheap As Chips for some cheap things we needed.  The last time we were in this store they searched our bags as if we were shoplifters, in a dollar store! Come on!!

Walked back to camp and there have been a lot of arrivals due it being the weekend and the forecasted weather will be great.  Managed to get in to the pool for a nice cooling dip.

New neighbours arrived Con & Noelene and we had the first of many chats.  They even understood some of what we were saying.

A few tents arrived so we named that area tent city (party)A few of the oldies were chatting and then early to bed.

Echuca Day6/7/8/9

I got up reasonably early and took Max for a walk down to the port area and ran him with his ball.  

Kaz enjoyed a wee lie in. We then repeated  the 8k walk from the other day but this time with Max.  He loved being off lead and roaming at will.  

He managed to find a spot to jump in the river for a swim.Today is departure and arrivals so plenty of entertainment in that as people arrive for the weekend.  Then chilled for the rest of the day with Steak for tea on the bbq. Then bed and listened to the local hoons drag racing at night. This pattern continued for a few stress free days with swimming chatting, eating, cooking and of course keeping hydrated.

Echuca Day10 Tuesday

Scouted around for free camps for our next trip up here using the WikiCamps app and found a couple of spots that are huge clean quiet and have small beaches with direct access to the river for swimming and watching the large number of paddle steamers, jet ski’s and speedboats.  Done a bit of four wheel driving in and out of the rutted and corrugated roads. We tried to find our great neighbours who are in this area but didn’t manage to locate them. Turns out we were so close to their camp but must have just turned back within metres of them.

Echuca Day11Wednesday last Day

Grabbed a nice lie in today then walked in to town to Murray & Shona’s cafe for breakfast, coffee and tea.  This was another trial to see how Max would behave but we had no issues with him although we were bribing him with toast, bits of bacon and sausage.  This place does a great breakfast and the hosts are Scottish of course, Murray has a bit of patter about him as well.Once fed it’s off to give Max a good run chasing his frisbee at the local park.  He would chase that thing till he literally collapses so we have to not push it that far.Today being our last day before home we will pack most things away b4 the end of the day to make leaving tomorrow very easy.  

Tonight the Echuca Caravan Club which we have been surrounded by are taking over the camp kitchen and deck tonight as they are having a meeting/fancy dress party.  This lot have been fun to watch and are always having a laugh.

The coming weekend is the Labour day long weekend and this place and all other places will be packed out and the roads will be chaotic, so a nice time to head home.

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