Echuca Day4

So today was originally the end of out trip as Bec had to leave today.  As the weather and the vibe in Echuca was so good we had the thought of one of us (Steve) driving the three hours home and collecting Max, do a few chores then drive the three hours back the next day.  This meant we could extend our stay here. The only problem was that Kaz is very afraid of spending a night alone but that couldn’t be avoided unless we both went together.

Having packed the car I left Echuca at about 9am.  The drive was uneventful except about half way and travelling at 100 kph I spotted something running in the middle of the road.  As I got close I could see it was a dog and a Border Collie at that.  I brought the car to a stop put on my hazard lights then attempted to pick the dog up as still cars whizzed past going the other way.  Thankfully a guy in a Ute stopped the traffic on the other side and slowly the dog came towards me.  I managed to pick her up and put her in the back of the car having checked for a tag with a number I could call but she didn’t have one.  I then thought what the hell am I going to do now.  As I looked around I could see a few farmhouses and headed for the first one which was a complete mess of a place with a million beer bottles lying around.  I knocked on the door anyway but got no answer then headed for the next house.  This place was a huge step up from the previous and in fact was a palace of a house.  Locating the front of the property I swung the storm door out and gave the door a good knock.  It seemed a few minutes but a lovely very old lady came to the door and I apologised for my intrusion and explained my plight with this dog and asked if it were hers and she immediately said no.  Any idea who’s dog it might be and again it was a no but try next door which was quite a bit from where we were standing.  As I left the ladies husband arrived and I  thought I should explain just what I was doing before I left.  I then arrived at the next house and relayed the same story regards the dog.  The owner of the house asked me if the dog was called Rosie, I said I have no idea to which she called the dog who seemed to recognise her name.  She said leave Rosie here and I will call round the locals and try to find out if anyone owns the poor thing or at worst drive it to the local vet.  I of course said magic, took a pic of Rosie and got back on the road with my drive now extended by 45 minutes but at least I had saved a life.

After any further interruptions I arrived home, greeted Max who looked glad to see me and got a washing on.  I then went shopping for supplies (more drinks) oh and some food then packed the car ready for the return leg in the morning. I Scoffed half a pizza then it was lights out ready for the morning and me and Max’s road trip.

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