Echuca Day 2

Out of bed late this morning (for us anyway) and see quite a few folks packing up and departing.  There’s been a bit of a breeze blowing through the area so that might have made them decide to move on.  This will give us some entertainment later when all the new vans arrive and we can have a laugh at them all reversing and setting up.Tea, toast and cereals done then walking shoes on and off in to town.  One good thing about this park is it’s great location to the centre of Echuca.  We have not used the car since we arrived.  

We head in to the information centre which is a really good spot full of great stuff including small animals in tanks.  They also sell Pacdon small goods which includes the Scottish delight of black pudding.  We decide to be good and not buy any this time around. Next up is the Port area which we have been through several times but this time we are amazed to find that there is a tour we never knew existed.   The tour itself is a self guided one and takes you through the history of both the port area as well as Echuca.  It gives a great opportunity to get under the massive pier structure which we feel could do with a bit of a rebuild in places.  There’s a few old time movies to watch and some restored machinery still operating from back in the day.  As always we look for a Scottish connection in heavy machinery and find a pump built by an  engineering company called Weir Pumps from Glasgow who still exist today but now are The Weir Group a huge multi National company.  It’s amazing to look round the place from a health & safety aspect which you wouldn’t see in present times.  

The rest of the day we spend reading and people watching.  Motor home lady stops by for a quick chat and tells us they will be leaving tomorrow on their way to Cobram.  We ask her what’s in Cobram and she answers Cobram, good answer.  They will then head to Mulwala which is a great spot we have visited.  Today we take the luxury of a wee nanny nap and have good hour and a half sleep.

After freshening up we have another luxury of finding a pub for tea.  Usually and in future we will have Max with us.  Short walk later we see a queue outside an Irish pub called Shamrocks.  We figure this must be the go to place in town and in we get.  We order drinks and are asked if we have a booking, we say no but can we at least have drinks, barmaid says sure but you will have to go outside, ok we say.  She brings back the drinks and we ask her if it would be possible to book a table, sure she says and gives us a table number which is outside!!  I ask for a menu, use the app she says, I don’t have the app I say, look it up on the website she tells me.  So can I order from the app which will have a QR code? No you have to come to the bar to order she says!! Lol.  

We decide on sharing some nachos then I went for the Chimichanga Chicken and Kaz decided on the children’s menu Mini Parma which I thought when I try to order from the kids menu I would get a no but there was no grief at all.  The Nachos were reasonably good, the chicken not so good and the Mini Parma was the best so it’s kids menu from now on for us.

After that it was a walk back to camp and lights out.

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