Echuca 3 day trip

So we headed off today without Max who is at home being looked after by the brilliant Bec.  We packed up early Monday the 22/02/2021 and managed to leave on time at 10am.

This trip will be short one at 4 days and three nights in Echuca which is north west of Melbourne, Victoria.  We have been here so many times and enjoyed every visit.  The town is very popular and has heaps to do and see.

As we are still testing our our new van we intended on trying to stay at free camps.  So onto our bible app WikiCamps and found a few around the place.  We settled on the Rotary Park site which is not completely free but is only $10.00 per night.  

The cruiser towed the van without issue and we had the addition of our newly fitted rear view camera which is great and allows us to see how many fuming drivers we have stuck behind us praying for us to pull in and let them pass.

The drive seemed quite long this time and again we had put our trust in to google maps who once again gave us a couple of bum steers in to little farm tracks which thankfully we managed to turn round and get out of before getting too deep in the cow pats.

Just over 3 hours later we finally arrived in to Echuca and made our way to the Rotary park site.  This place had received plenty of positive feedback but we must be used to and enjoy at least some facilities and this place although it has some great big spots looking on to the Murray river, it didn’t seem to have much else going for it.  We drove about for a bit checking out a few bits but decided this was not for us.

Not too far away is the NRMA caravan park.  We have seen this one but never stayed there and again it receives very complimentary feedback.  Our plan to tour Australia using free camps was quickly disappearing if today is anything to go by.

Anyway off we headed and booked in to the NRMA where we received a pretty good discount as we are members of the RACV which brought it down to $32.00 per night with free wifi, a great heated pool, a slab and grass level site and all the amenities including camp kitchen etc.  we convinced ourselves that this was only $20.00 more and was so much closer to the town that we didn’t really need much persuadingAs we may move on tomorrow and try another free camp (not) we booked in for one night with the proviso that we may say longer if we like it (we do).We will scout about tomorrow and scope out different free camps but will no doubt come back to camp and decide to stay longer.

After the drive and having reversed on to our site (which our neighbours in a new motor home complimented us on) and set up, we headed straight for the pool which was heated had shade sails above and amazingly no kids screaming around.  We wasted no time and got straight in, it was a fantastic temperature and perfect for a splash around.  
There was also entertainment in the form of an old boy who seemed to know everything about anything.  A bigger bum than ten arses as they say in Scotland and one of those that if you’ve been to Tenerife he would have been to elevenarife.  He seemed to have a harem of ladies of a certain age giving him a bit stick and him taking the bate.

On our way back Mr and Mrs motor home came over for a chat and wanted to know all about our van which they guessed correctly was a new one.  The motor home was also new and in fact was only their third trip with it.  The hubby was not keen on travelling too far “if I want to go to Perth or Darwin I will catch a plane” yep funny guy.

All set up and off for a walk around camp to check out everybody else’s set up’s and see if we can steal ideas.  For a Monday this place is really busy although Echuca is a year round destination and a great base for travelling this part of Victoria.  As we walk about there is the usual assortment of trailers, pop top caravans, tents, roof top tents, motor homes, converted vans and full size caravans similar to ours.  We spot mr know it all sitting with as you would expect a huge Silverline van set up with the entire catalogue of things to have or maybe not have whilst caravanning.

Just on the outskirts of the camp via a chain fence you can walk down to the Murray river to watch the powerboats and skiers.  There is also a great view of the new bridge being constructed over the river and in to Moama, NSW.  That will be such a great thing for the town as the current bridge can get snarled up causing tailbacks.

With the walk over and time for tea.  Tonight it’s on with the Weber and Aldi burgers.   No, don’t laugh they are delicious with our fresh salad, toms, cheese and coleslaw all washed down with a glass of red…….or two.  As darkness starts to fall we get inside with tv on but that doesn’t last long and we both fall in to a great deep sleep for the night.  

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