February 2021/A

Today’s mission was to tire Max out. Just across the road from the site is the Botanical Gardens.  We head off and enjoy a walk in the beautiful gardens and take a few pics.  

Steve then takes up the challenge to walk across the water on a fallen tree.  I was all set to get some great snaps as he fell in but alas it wasn’t to be as stepped of at the other end.  

A bit further up the road we join the Bendigo walking trail  and we go for a very warm walk.  

Eventually we head back to the site where all sorts had been happening. Earlier in the day a number of very very big trucks and a great big crane had spent the morning delivering a couple of cabins, there was  a few unhappy campers wanting to leave but the road was blocked until someone pointed out the other way out oops crisis averted.😜. Coming back the pool looked welcoming.   

I got changed and headed in. Steve then bought Max to the pool for a look and was informed that dogs are not allowed in the pool area. Max was then put in the van to have a quiet sleep and Steve then returned and had a refreshing swim. So much for Solar heating once you were in it was fine at least that was what I told everyone that asked…… it was as if they were heading to the North Sea – now that is cold.  The crane  had left the site but also left a burst water pipe with the sheer size and weight of it. Water off for the rest of the day.  May as well stay in the pool. Steve returned to the van and asked Wales if he had been barking and they said there was not a sound from him.

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