NSW/Victoria Day 27

Day 27 Friday

Time to go leave Echuca and having paved the way yesterday we are packed up pretty easily and we hook up and are pretty upset at leaving both the town and the weather. Today we have an easy drive as we are only heading to Bendigo which is about an hour away. We planned on staying at a certain park but when we arrived we thought better of it and headed for the Big4 Ascot. This is a park we have stayed at before and is closer to the place we need to head to on Saturday morning which is Innes Motors Subaru where will be collecting a Subaru Forester we have purchased to replace our Ford Fiesta.
Arriving at the big4 we are given a great spot and partially set up as it is only a one night stay.

We get in the car and head in to the city centre which is deserted. Myers which we go in to is also deserted and we walk around as if some famous celebrity shopping.
Walking through the centre we stop and enjoy a busker who has a guitar, a mic and a fantastic voice. Kaz takes a wee video of her and drops some cash in to her guitar case.

Shortly after we go back to the van to plan for tomorrow’s journey home to Beautiful Geelong. With the plan set it’s time to eat and close to the park, over the train tracks there is a great place called the Botanical Hotel that has a fantastic bar/restaurant which we stroll to. The place is pretty quiet so a table is found easily. This place has wine on tap which is amazing and we grab two large glasses of red.
Menu next and we have coconut prawns for entree, then Kaz orders the stuffed chicken and I go for the fish & chips. The dishes arrive hot and perfectly cooked which we devour in no time. We avoid desert but treat ourselves to another couple of the shiraz. The walk back to camp is not great as the forecasted wind has arrived and it seems a bit colder after the sunshine of Echuca.

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