NSW/Victoria Day 26

Day 26 Thursday

After a late rise we are up and head in to Echuca information centre where we grab some maps. Soon after we go back to Murray & Shona’s Courtyard Cafe for breakfast.

We head out to visit the Moama State Forest where we walk the 5k bike trail as we don’t have the bikes on board. We see quite a few people free camping along the river and swimming. Some of them look a bit dodgy though and look as if that is where they live.

We return to Echuca and take a walk along the Murray where we find a burnt out Ute which was unexpected. Quite how it got down to the river must have provided some excitement for someone.

With the sun in full bloom and the temperature quite hot we get back to the park where we head straight for the pool. Although it looks inviting it is still not even warm but we get in and after a bit our bodies have adapted to the temperature and it does seem better.
In the pool area there is a older couple with their daughter and a couple of small kids . Poppy (Grandfather) takes out the prize for being the loudest, most over excited person we have ever heard as his voice screams out louder than the kids he is having fun with. Thankfully they had been there a while before we arrived and retreat to a cabin on site where we could still hear Poppy’s screaming.
With no glass allowed round the pool area I hatch a plan and pour two bottles of cider in to a plastic drinks bottle and we are set. We enjoy the peace for a bit before a final splash and then head for a hot shower.
Tonight we use the Webber and have burger night.
As we have to leave tomorrow where we will head to Bendigo we do some early work and load the bikes up, drop the awning and generally try to make our exit in the morning a bit easier. We enjoy some time sitting out in the heat before it’s lights out.

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