NSW/Victoria Day 25

Day 25

After a late breakfast we head for Kyabram wildlife park where we will see some of Australia’s big name animals. We arrive at the park and amazed to see a queue formed. We get in line and turns out the queue is not to enter the park but instead to buy coffee and ice cream. Annoyingly there is only one person at the counter so we have to wait till the coffee and ice cream line is dealt with before we can actually buy tickets, food and get in. We are then informed that the feeding has already taken place,Koala show? done, bird show?, just missed it. After all this good news and having bought the tickets already we enter the park anyway.

We are grabbed by the sense that this park is run down and looking very unloved. Following the map we start off with the Koala area and although there are 3 of them. I think as they have completed their performance they are now sleeping like babies. Next up was the Wombats and again all three sleeping like Koalas. We move on and arrive at the bird aviary and yep there are a few nice colourful specimens but we are not fans of caged birds. Next up, the much feared Dingoes. These three however are are themselves more scared of us and simply move to the complete opposite area with their tails between their legs. We do have a bit of fun feeding the Kangaroos who are quite pushy in getting food. Then we see a big lizard, followed by a couple of Emu wandering around. There was a pretty impressive lake/wetland with heaps of free birds and a viewing tower.

Having only spent an hour here we were not impressed but hoped our admission fee feeds some of the animals at least.

We go for a walk through the town and after our walk we reckon we have earned ourselves a cider and go in to the bar of a huge place right on the Main Street. The bar is quiet with only one guy at the bar and another person in the tab area gambling on the huge choice of stuff to get your money gone.

Soon after we head back to base and I decide a beard is not for me and go to town on my furry face. Takes years off me says Kaz and I must admit to feeling a bit cleaner.
Later we head to the Echuca Bowling Club and we are amazed that the place is really like a fancy hotel and obviously rich in member numbers.

We have a drink but feel a bit stiff in this place and decide to abandon it and head back to the pub we had been to before. Our luck is in as it is Parmi night and we grab a pair and wolf them down quick style.

With tonight being another Survivor night we head back and great thing is we have the luxury of watching in the van. Soon after it’s lights out

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