Victoria/NSW Day 24

Day 24

After a great quiet night in camp with no wind we are up and in to the glorious sunshine and temps predicted to be 30+.
First job Bacon sandwiches, coffee and tea sitting outside Watching people pack up and move on and the new arrivals doing the opposite.
Early plan today is to get get the bikes off the van and go for a good cycle.
That’s when it happened. I go to the spot where we always leave the key for the bike lock and yep, no key. This starts a 20 minute key hunt but no luck finding it.
I then have to spend a good half hour removing the bike lock from the bikes and what a pain it is but eventually I manage to cut through every wire having exposed the steel from the hard rubber sleeve around it. Finally the thing is off and we get the bikes ready to go except for Kaz’s bike whose tyres are always flat. Luckily we carry a little compressor and in no time tyres are up and we head to the cycle track at the back of the park. This takes us down to the river under the Vic/NSW bridge then we head over the bridge in to to Echuca and back.

We also manage to purchase a new padlock for the bikes as we have another steel cable we can use to secure them. Funny, we bought a total of three padlocks in one pack in a real dollar store called cheap as chips and when leaving having paid for our stuff, the woman informs us that she would like to search our bag. We seriously have to change our look if we are being suspected of stealing from a dollar store,lol. We leave admonished and head in to the town on an ice cream hunt. We are not disappointed as we cycle through the port area and there is a large choice of purveyors. Whilst at it we try and then buy, some fudge.

With the sun getting high and the heat on we cycle back over the bridge to the camp and decide that the pool is the place to cool off. When I say cool off I am not kidding.

This pool is bloody freezing but rather than do a countdown to jump in, I do my usual dive bomb and man is it cold. Kaz lowers herself in the hard way with a gradual freeze. We attempt to swim but my brain is telling me enough is enough and I am out back in to the glorious sun again and Kaz sees sense and does the same.
We then both head for a nice hot shower in the immaculate facilities.
Kaz then made a delicious meal of nasi Goreng which was spicy but got wolfed down in no time.

Before we know it, it’s Survivor time and we have to go to camp kitchen early to get control of the telly. We are all set up ready to go when in comes 3 couples who start to prepare and cook a meal talking as they go. Well now it’s a case of turning up the telly until they get the hint and we can here what’s being said. Another annoying thing that when the group arrived they switched on every light in the kitchen which seemed to send out a message to every kind of bug ever seen. Bugs are flying in from all sides but as we are crazy Survivor fans we have to suffer the onslaught. I will make another effort with our van tv to get channel 10 as we can’t suffer this debacle tomorrow. Once again another day has flown past and it’s lights out.

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