Victoria/NSW Day 23

Day 23

Sad to be leaving this park today as it has been really good but have to move on. We get hooked up like experts and then say our goodbyes to big Boris.

One thing I found interesting was that on the brochure for the Gunbower Park there is a listing of places to if you get pleasure from or just fancy shooting some poor ducks.

We then once again hit the road to Echuca which will be a lot quieter due to the end of the long weekend.
My turn to drive today and 30 min’s later we are crossing the bridge from Victoria in to Moama NSW.

Surprisingly the town is still pretty busy but it looks like the mass exodus has started and folks are heading home. We arrive at the Murray River Holiday Park thinking it will be easy to get booked but they inform us that we can get in and there is only one spot free. We don’t hesitate and get that booked immediately and score our members discount. This place we had checked out the day before and we are not disappointed as the place is spotless and really well ran by Ken and the girls. We have the luxury of Ken guiding us in to our allocated spot which saves us having our usual words. Once backed in we are like experts and the set up is complete in about 15 minutes.

Last job is to mess about with telly ariel to ensure we get our survivor fix tonight but no matter what I do no CH10. I then hard wire the cable in to the camp Ariel and still no CH10. A plan will need to be made for later but meanwhile we get off in to town and collect supplies. Same shops as before Dan Murphy and Aldi.
Back to base and it’s Aldi steaks in a cream peppercorn sauce with baked potato delicious washed down with the obligatory glass of red.

With no Chanel 10 in the van I get down to the camp kitchen and with great delight see a huge tv but no remote control. I ask a few folks if they know where it is but it’s blank stares all round and they continue their chat as if I wasn’t there. This changes seconds later after I hit the power button and the telly bursts in to life and sounds like it is on maximum sound setting. With no remote I have to jump on a chair and use the buttons down the side to lower the sound and having done so, flick through the channels and to my relief find channel 10.

To make sure no one else appears to and takes over control of the tv, we decide we will remain in situ.

A few others appear but only one appears to be a real fan and the others chat annoyingly. The one fan then moves closer to us to discuss strategy, tactics and who we like/don’t like and who we think will win.
After this we get back to our base and sit outside in the glorious Warm weather for a while before it’s lights out.

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