Victoria Day 22

Day 22

New people arrived today with the exact same caravan as us although theirs has been used twice. Because of this they ask us lot’s of questions and ask us to assist them in setting up their awning. Changed days, as for a long time we have been the ones using a help sheet given to us by a random person years ago who could see how, challenged we were in all things caravan. So like pro’s we provide info and like cabin crew demonstrate the ways in which we operate and they are mucho grateful. Interestingly they are towing with a Ford Territory which must be tough not only in pulling power but also legally due to weight requirements.

We scoff some toast and head east again to Echuca this time heading to the Echuca Market.
I actually bumped in to big Boris this morning (park owner) who told me that today he is getting his Harley Davidson out and heading like us to the Echuca Market which he recommended. 30 minutes later we arrive back in Echuca which is just as packed as yesterday. We again score a great parking spot and only have to walk across the road to the sprawling market. The market itself has the usual stuff we have seen Australia wide plus live music with two old boys playing guitars and singing the dreaded country music.
We walk row upon row of stalls and Kaz buys some hair things which she seems happy with. With the market ticked off and to be honest not that great although large, we head to the Port area to see some paddle steamers and find somewhere for a brunch type thing. We end up at Murray and Shona’s cafe on the high street. Obviously from the names there is a Scottish element here and when Murray hears our accents he has quite a number of stories he feels we would want to hear and actually produces the best Irish, supposed to be Scottish accent ever heard. Think Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

As we are moving to Echuca tomorrow we have an idea to check out a couple of parks as we have nothing booked. One park we know well is the Shady River Park over the bridge in Moama. We drive their really to remind ourselves how close it is to Echuca for using the bikes in to and out of. We then have a look at the Murray River Park which is literally just over the bridge between Victoria and New South Wales but both this one and the Shady River are jam packed due to the holiday weekend but we will return Monday after checkout has happened for those going back to work next day.
We decide we have seen enough today and point the car in the direction of Gunbower but instead of returning to the park we decide to visit the Torrumbarry Weir which is essentially a dam for controlling the amount of water which feeds in to and controls the level of the Murray river.

It even has a fish ladder which we have not seen since leaving Scotland many years ago where it is used for migrating Salmon. In this part of the world it is used predominantly for Carp as well as many other smaller fish species.

The weir cost 35 million dollars and was opened by the then Prime Minister John Howard and has been a great success since. There is also a great little visitor centre full of fantastic info and videos on the history of the area and the construction of the Weir.
Having done our educational/culture stuff it’s 10 minutes to the park. The temperature is really good with bright sunshine so it’s back to the pool for a dip which is just superb. Just before us was a group of people having a splash about and we spot a floater in the pool and decide to be safe and fish out said floater wondering if it originated from a human but thankfully it turns out to be just a leave.
Tonight there will be no pub as we have cooked our own food of Bolognese with pasta, garlic bread and yep, a glass of red. After which we will chillax and watch the sunset before lights out on another great day on the road.

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