Victoria Day 21

Day 21

A wee lie-in this morning and then up to a beautiful sunny day.
Webber straight on and breakfast of Bacon, eggs, mushroom and tomato with toast, bloody magic.
Today we are off on a road trip to the great town of Echuca. Even though we will be moving to this town on Monday we still want to have a visit and it really isn’t that far. We also have added motivation as there is a company named Pacdon who produce their own Haggis, Black Pudding and Pork Pies.
They are based in Moama but have a shop in the high street in Echuca. As we arrive in Echuca the place is jam packed with people and we get lucky and find a good car parking spot and then it’s time to hunt out the Pacdon shop which we eventually locate only to be disappointed as the shop is not only not open but has actually closed permanently. There is a sign on the shop window which states they have closed the shop but their produce is available to purchase at the information centre in town. So off we go again on a new hunt for the info centre and we locate this pretty quickly, walk in and there it is, a fridge full of Pacdon products which we immediately dive in to and select our chosen hear attack foods. No pie pic as it didn’t last long.

There is a woman there buying some bacon and asks us advise as to which bacon she should buy then gives us advice that the pork pie should be consumed cold, do not heat it in the oven!! We tell her to buy the smoked bacon and forget about rashers which she does and out the door she goes. Our next visit is to the Beechworth Bakery for a legendary “Bee Sting” which is a bun with a custard centre. This simplifies what is an absolute heavenly treat and we are very good and only buy one which we split in half and consume after we have scoffed the Pacdon Pork Pie. Our plan on Monday will be to find the Pacdon factory shop and purchase some more of their wonderfull foods.
Later we hit the road back to Gunbower and hatch a plan to come back to Echuca Sunday for the market which happens every second Sunday. In no time we are back at camp which seems to be a bit busier. Since the temperature has risen to just below 30 degrees the pool looks inviting. We get round there and I grab the pool net and scoop all the leaves etc floating around then jump straight in and enjoy a great swim and splash about for a while.

We then get on our bikes and cycle to local store followed by a tour of the surrounding area including a cricket game and a couple of guys canoeing on the river.

We then return to base get cleaned up and head to the pub to sample the food this time. The place is very busy and we grab a table just as a 4×4 motor group of 14 people arrive for food. Luckily we get our order in just before theirs, I go for the stuffed chicken and Kaz opts for the pork belly both of the dishes come out piping hot and are delicious.
Having had a long day we get back to the van to sit outside and people watch while chilling out before lights out arrives.

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