Victoria Day 20

Day 20

Up early as usual and as it’s leaving day again, we are out grabbing supplies as our next stop will not have much .
Aldi first, Bunnings then fuel and back to the camp where there is a mass exodus happening but later the opposite will occur due to the holiday weekend this place is fully booked out.
We hook the car up and we are gone and back on the road.
Kaz score’s today’s turn to drive, it’s a trip of about an hour and a half to the tiny town of Gunbower which is about 30+k’s west of Echuca, Victoria. We have booked this one for a change due to the numbers on the road due to the holiday. We will be there for three nights which is great as we can set our camp up fully. The weather is also about to improve and it should be sun, sun and sun for the next week and temperatures around 27 degrees, nice.
The drive is uneventful except for the huge road trains giving us shockwaves which keep pushing our mirrors in but in no time we arrive at the Gunbower Caravan Park and get booked in and guided in to our allocated space.

The space seems quite small but it is a great grassed area and is really clean. We unhook the van, set it level as usual and then bring out all our stuff for a long stay and that’s when it happens.
There is a Peppercorn tree we didn’t notice and when the wind blew, a heap of seeds get released and hit the roof of the van which turns it in to a snare drum. Without missing a beat I am back in the office requesting a move to another spot due to said rata tat tat. The woman is really nice about it and to push our luck even further we request a particular spot of our choosing which she thankfully agrees to but on the condition that we wait till her hubby return in half an hour and he will assist us reversing in to the space. Long story short, we move all our stuff to the new spot and then hubby arrives to help us. Boris is an absolute giant of a man who gives me the biggest hand crushing handshake I have ever had and with his expert help we have now moved and set up fully at last.

We take a walk in to town which consists of a Roadhouse/Fuel Station and of course a local pub. Gunbower also has Australia’s largest inland island (Gunbower Island) which is home to protected populations of Kangaroos, Emus, Goannas, Possums, snakes and over 160 varieties of birds.
Plan today is just to chill out which we are masters at.
We do however get the Webber on later and it’s Aldi eye fillet steaks with baked spuds, mushrooms and onions all washed down with a glass of red or maybe two.
Later we head in to the local pub named the Gunbower Hotel for a Friday night drink and see what the local action is.

The pub is actually heaving with people including most of our fellow campers and the owners of the park. We watch as the locals all order and get stuck in to what looks like great food and we hatch a plan to come back and eat here tomorrow night. We also get our doggie fix as there is a Golden Retriever called Max who is the pub dog and has his bed outside and welcomes people as they arrive. As the sun starts to set we head off and return to base to sit outside and watch yet another sunset then lights out on another great day.

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