South Australia Days 12,13,14,15,16,17

Days 12,13,14,15,16

It’s been a while since we added anything to the blog so here are a few days combined to create a catch up.

We left Coffin bay to drive to Port Germaine, We shared the driving as it’s quite a long one.

We choose this park due to the great feedback given to it on our favourite app WikiCamps again. Quite a small park but it has great clean facilities and plenty of space around us. The town also has the second longest jetty in Australia.

There is also the Telowie Gorge which has been recommended to us. We cooked a couple of meals then did some tourist stuff where we walked the total length of the jetty which is about 1.5k long. We met an old salty sea dog fisherman who had been fishing all day and only had two crabs for his efforts.

We then had tea and popped in to the local pub. These are sometimes pretty good for a laugh at how bad they are and this one is no exception.

Lovely heritage type building and classic small town bar which has a few locals parked at the bar saving the worlds problems.

As is usual the barman is not going to miss out on the drinking and pours himself a pint and forces himself to ask us where we are from before getting back to his pint. We decide one drink is enough and head back to the park for lights out.

Following morning we are due to leave, we get up early and follow a few dusty back roads heading for the Telowie Gorge but when we arrive there is a sign informing us that the gorge is closed due to the shooting of feral animals being carried out.
So back to the park, hook the van up and off we go again. This time we have made the decision to head to Adelaide and a park we stayed in years ago on our big trip.

We arrive at Levi Park where we will stay for 2 nights. This one is a really good park and is in a great location to jump on the bus in to Adelaide. The is particularly good on this occasion as the Adelaide comedy and Fringe festival is on.

We grab the bus to Adelaide and head straight for the ticket office where we grab tickets for a Scottish comedian named Scott Agnew whose show is named “Queen Of Scotland” and tickets for the best of Edinburgh Festival show.
We then hunt out the fantastic Adelaide Central Market which is quite a walk from the part of the city we are in. This place is a foodies heaven with heaps of deli’s and bread shops for tastings. We walk up and down every row amazed at the selection and quality offered. With our shows coming up and not looking forward to the walk back to the centre of the city we spot a tram and jump on with the hope it will take us back to the Randall Mall area and we are in luck which saved us a walk of at least twenty minutes. As we walk down the central area which has been closed to traffic there are buskers performing everywhere, we spot Akumal (Australian comedian) who is in town performing at the festival.

With our show time fast approaching we decide to find a restaurant and we peruse a few menu’s before deciding on Italian. It’s a good time before the real crowds flock to the street and we score a great table to people watch.

We pass on the entries and Kaz goes for the Lasagna and I choose the Gnocchi and both were just delicious and washed down with a few glasses of red.
Before we know it, it’s show time and we head off to the venue which is the red room room of the Austral hotel. We rush upstairs to ensure we get a good seat only to find said room has only two other people in it, there is also only two rows of about eight seats in each row.

We take the centre seats in the back row and another two couples arrive and the door is then closed. Yes, there will only be eight people for this performance. Scott then appears six foot five and looks decidedly nervous. Poor guy, we are all feeling his pain. This is going to be tough one for all of us but Scott launches like a pro in to his act which at times is a bit graphic. I had not really joined the dot’s on the title and turns out we are not having any history lesson tonight. The content is the life and struggle of a gay man who descends in to the basement of life’s drug scene whilst struggling to give his elderly parents and grand parents the news that he has a preference for people of the same sex. We had never heard of a broken banjo string bur Scott made sure we were left fully informed of said condition. We speak to him after the show and do some chatting about Glasgow then say our goodbyes and wish home well for his other shows. Sadly we see the following day that his next show was cancelled.

With not long to go we head over to our next show which is in the fringe tents area and is absolutely packed with people having drinks and food with music playing and multi venues within the area. We grab a couple of wines then get in the small line for our show. In the queue behind us is a young couple who we found out later had only met 20 minutes ago and were on a blind date. They became our show buddies and we all had a laugh even when the guy behind us did an ugly photo bomb as we took a photo for which he was outed for.

The show itself had three English comedians one female, the woman and one of the guys were northern England and the other guy from Essex. All three were hilarious with each of them having a real go at the various hecklers shouting out random garbage. It seemed within a very short time the show was over and we headed outside to catch our bus back to Levi Park and lights out after a hectic but fantastic day.

Next morning we are up with a plan to get to the coast and see some of Adelaides beaches. Unbelievably the first one is called Largs Bay where we walked out on the jetty and spotted a seal mucking about in the water, then we moved on to Semaphore, Henley and finally Glenelg beaches all very nice with plenty of folks walking around. Out of the ones we seen Henley would be our pick with lovely heritage buildings housing some nice cafes and restaurants.

Soon after we decide to head back to the park as we plan to leave sharp tomorrow as we head to Victor Harbour. As we sit relaxing and reading a couple arrive with a massive caravan and immediately scratch their heads as Levi Park is pretty tight and after some blah blah from an American neighbour he drives said van in next to us and it is so close his hoses etc are almost in our awning but since we are leaving early we figure it is not worth him trying to move it any more and damage our van. A classic case of being sold something you don’t need, want or can handle. We finish the day planning tomorrows trip.

Sunday morning Left Levi Park and drove to Victor Harbour a drive of only an hour and a half but driving through any city with a caravan attached does have some challenges as everyone wants in front of the caravan at any cost.
Sunday late morning we arrive at NRMA Victor harbour. As it is Sunday there are heaps of folks leaving to go back for the Monday return to work slog.

We managed to get a great site with ocean views and away from the kids screaming pillow area. We then get set up on no time with minimal insults being traded, lol.
Although the weather forecast is not the best we thought we would come as we have been looking at this area for a long time.
A great thing already was getting the bikes off the van for the first time on the trip and we Cycled in to town and grabbed some brunch at a great little cafe the park recommended. We then returned to base as the weather was not being kind and did our usual research of the area and made some plans before lights out.

Monday morning arrived Having had a terrible night as the wind really got up with both us getting out the van at midnight to put the awning back down as the trees we are parked under just continued to drop a huge amount of leaves large seed things and leaves etc. we were not the only ones with this issue and camp wide a few other awnings were taken down.
We cycled in to town again for breakfast and visited the information centre after that it was back on the bikes for a great 10k cycle to the other side of the bay and back.

A short time later we drove to the Mclaren Vale wineries area where we visited three very different vineyards and did some cellar door tastings.
First up was the Woodstock vineyard where strangely we walk around several different areas looking for signs of life before we find a girl carrying out a stock check and she agrees to provide some wine tastings. We get the feeling she would rather be back to finish her stock take and the measures she is proving are really thimble size, we buy a few bottles and move on. Number two on the tour is the fantastic Beresford Estate which is just amazing from the setting and the tasting room to the girl who educated us on wine tastings and the history of the company. She was a delight, poured some very large tastings and we buy several more wines. Unbelievably she offers to ship the wines we bought from Beresford and the wines we bought from Woodstock all back to Geelong for $15.00, bargain says us and we leave with a shipping date confirmed.
Last up is the Steven’s wines vineyard owned and run by Graham Steven. We couldn’t really go pat this one and the man is a character with some great one liners. Again we buy a few bottles but these are for the road as we are getting through our wine stocks as we travel.

We then cook up our own evening meal and once again it’s back in the van early for Survivor Australia then lights out.

Leaving day from Victor Harbour

Tuesday we leave to escape the wind and cold and go in search of some warmer temperatures and we hope some sun. We had intentions of going over to Kangaroo island but the ocean is just too rough. We might even drive a longer distance and cross the border back in to Victoria but get north to avoid the ocean winds.

After what is the usual windy night in Victor Harbour we are up and packing up ready to hit the road again.
We are trying to be quiet as we had a young French couple parked next to us in one of those groovy little camper vans and they no doubt will not be early risers. The poor things were outside last night cooking on a little flame bbq in the wind whilst we were protected in the van watching telly.

Today we are heading north in our attempt to follow the sun and get some higher temperatures. Destination today is the town of Lameroo which is still in South Australia and is a four and a half our drive which we will share the driving of.
We get on the road by 8:30 and stop in the town for Kaz to pick up a turmeric latte.
We then have to take a strange route via Salem, before heading north via Murray Bridge then heading south again via Tailem bend to the town of Lameroo which has a population of just over 800. We will stay at the Lameroo Lakeside Park.
On the way and about halfway we stop in the town of Tailem Bend. This place is now known for it’s race car track but was known previously for the train line between Adelaide and Melbourne which has long since been stopped.
We have a walk around and have a look at the railway museum/information centre which has a lady there who has an amazing knowledge of Geelong.

As usual we find a Scottish/Glasgow item which we grab a pic of and outside Kaz does her best Casey Jones impersonation on the static train.
Before too long we arrive at the campground which on first impressions looks pretty good then we look to our right where there is a couple of caravans with folks drinking and smoking and to improve the scene further one of their dogs, a small jack Russell thing with lead attached runs all of 20 meters to us barking like a dingo. Drinker one then appears and she is a ruff looking thing. She asks us if we have dogs, we say no and in that moment we know we are not stopping here.
We get back in to WikiCamps and decide to drive another 60 k’s to the next park which reads and looks pretty good. It is the Murrayville Caravan Park in the town of Murrayville.

This little camp is a beauty, really spacious with really clean amenities and believe it or not a 25 meter swimming pool next door we can use for free.

There is an honesty box where you place your fees in to, We get set up and enjoy the better temperature and windless park before heading in to town for a walk before as you will not be surprised find the local pub where the barmaid is from Essex and another patron from the north of England, We end up having dinner here before it’s back to the van for Survivor Australia which we watch online as we have no tv reception.
The photo of the truck is just to show some of the road trains that have been on the roads.

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