South Australia Day 11

Day 11

After getting up later than usual, today will be a tourist day as we head out on a 4×4 search. We motor to the other side of Coffin Bay where there there are all manner of different road surfaces. To show we mean business and pretend we know what we are doing we drop the type pressures on the Cruiser to just over half what was in them to start with, so from 50 to about 20. As we travel deeper in to no mans land looking for some amazing little coves and beaches we are glad to have dropped the tyre pressures as there are some heavy corrugated bit’s, some sand and a bit of rock climbing to finish off. We are rewarded though with some amazing sites and seat of the pants driving.
We drive down one road for about 10k’s right to the end and we are met with a little motor home but no one around.
We then walk over to the sheer drop down to the beach and see a girl walking along with her two dogs in tow and we wonder how the hell if this is her van, how she managed to get down there.
We have a look around and spot what we think is the only way down. This is a crazy steep hillside of rocks and sand, not a path exactly but a way down. We traverse the sheer drop slipping and sliding till the final part which is a rope attached to a metal post which we have to grab on to and abseil down and finally get on to the beach. Kaz decides she will jump on to the beach and not use said rope and makes it safely down.
I however grab the rope and attempt to abseil down which doesn’t go well as I smash my right arm on the jagged rocks which has a nice effect on my arm like grating skin. Blooded and and battered I finally make it and wow, it’s worth the effort. Kaz is already sunbathing and I go and wash my arm in the salt water, yep kin sore that.
Adding insult to injury are the van girls two dogs running over to finish me off whilst barking their version of a welcome.
The larger of the two I would get to know well later called Mason has had his bark and wonders off again happy that he has given me my warning while the little dog decides that he would add to my Zen time by following me everywhere I go on the beach. There are tremendous rock pools up and down the beach and we both have a good time exploring what lurks in these as they wait for the tide to come in and free them.
Some time later van girl who we now know Is a local person decides she is going and starts to make her way back up to her van. This however is easier said than done as my pal Mason who is a huge fat headed bull mastiff of a hound is suddenly not so brave and won’t have a bar of jumping of the beach to start the climb up and in fact is having a wee panic as the smaller dog jumps up on several occasions as if showing big boy how easy it is. I then figure the only way this dog is going to make the effort is if the owner starts to leave and I can then grab him by the collar and push his big ass up and off the beach. This plan works a treat and van girl is relieved and thankful that we were there as she wouldn’t have known how to get fat head back up off the beach.
We hang around and before too long decide to make our own trek up Hamburger Hill. It’s hard to put in to words the sheer effort required to get back up and we now sympathise with Mason. Climbing up on the slipping, sliding and burning rocks and sand is not good for a couple of old folks like us. Thankfully we get to the top and are relieved to make it to the car.
We head out the road we came in and seek out some much tamer sites along the little peninsula where the water colour is just magic and why the oysters grow so well here.

Before we know it the day is flying past and we hatch a plan to go to the local hotel which is named the pub in the scrub. The camp managers have told us that they will pick us up and drop us back off again when we are ready. Within no time Dave collects us and within minutes we have a beer in one hand a menu in the other.
Oysters and a bit of fried Camembert to start then garlic prawns for me and fish and chips for Kaz and bloody beautiful everything was. A couple of beers and a game of pool and Dave is driving us back again ready for the next episode of Survivor Australia.
Knackered and lights out what a full and busy day.

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