South Australia Day 10

Day 10

Lights out and sleeping until old boy next door is yapping his nut off about how his fridge is not working. Time, 3:30 am never mind the fridge idiot, your brain is not working, fkin 3:30 am mate. Call the fkin RACV see if they can help you but engage brain and shut the **** up. Back to sleep and yep 7:00 am soft head is up again, yapping again, the fridge again ffs. The village had definitely lost it’s idiot. We ignore said fool who is just looking for any hint of an excuse to engage in fridge talk. We get packed up and minutes later are on the road and heading for what we hope is a highlight, Coffin Bay
My turn to drive and looks like an easy drive with great fast roads. The trip should take about three hours.
We decide to take a detour and cut in to the small town of Tumby. There’s not much to it but is definitely much better than yesterday’s overnight hole. We basically do a drive through and it’s a typical costal town with the usual stuff going on. We head back towards what is refereed to as the highway but stop to take in some silo art.

A short time later we drive past Port Lincoln which we did have thoughts about spending some time but we really need to find some quality and sped past on our way to Coffin Bay. As usual we have nothing booked and rock up at the Coffin Bay Caravan Park which to our surprise is a Top Tourist Park, result as we are members and cop a decent discount. We also cop a decent site and get set up in no time. This place is ticking boxes already with amazing views and a discount ticket for the oyster restaurant across the road, yep it’s tiff being us.
We are desperate for a swim and we are told by the woman at reception to head for the national park where we will find a stunning beach which we can at last have a dip. Lucky for us the national park is just round the corner from the caravan park and we enter the park and pay our entry fee on line. The place really is stunning and we drive around checking out various look outs and viewing areas before heading along a 4×4 only track then walking over the dunes and down to our advised swimming beach.
Well I have to say we didn’t recognise the woman at the desk but she obviously has to have been on stage at the comedy festival coz there is no anyone is swimming here. For one the water temperature is freezing and the ocean will swallow you up and might spit you out and might not. It is a stunning spot though and we grab some pic’s and hike back up the dunes and return to the camp to get ready for what promises to be oyster heaven just across the road.
We were not disappointed, see pic’s and we will definitely go back there.

After we spend some time chilling outside and people watching and then watch the latest episode of Survivor before turning in. On a footnote the park here has it’s share of Kangaroos and also Emu’s.

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