South Australia Day 9

Day 9

After a silent night, cockatiels are doing what they do best, screaming like banshees and ensuring everyone is awake.
Kaz goes for an early walk and returns with a coffee and minutes later a fab bacon sandwich. We start to pack up and chew the fat with Peter park manager who arrives for a visit. We did say to him we might stay for a second night but have decided to make tracks which he is not happy about “were the scones that bad”, he says. We say our goodbyes and start our next leg of the trip.
As we head out of town we visit some interesting landmarks which are worth a stop.

We motor on with Kaz at the wheel on our way to the town of Cowell which is a good rest stop before we drive to Port Lincoln and the lovely named Coffin Bay
We luck on to Trax FM 105.10 Vicki is funny DJ and really delivers the news and weather like a normal person and at one point makes us laugh by telling the listeners that she needs to go for a “comfort break” lol.
We drive on and make good time as the temperature climbs to 32 degrees and we enjoy the bright sunshine. We arrive at Cowell and head for the Cowell RV Park which has had good reports on Wikicamps. It’s a low cost camp on the edge of town which we will again have only a one night stop at.
As we drive through the town we are a bit disappointed as this place looks like it’s location should be spectacular but certainly isn’t. You could argue it’s a bit unfair. As it is Sunday but the ocean and beaches are just not what we hoped for.
Due to the RV Park having limited space we head straight there to secure a spot. Luck is on our side as a couple of vans are leaving giving us a bit of a choice. The camp is nothing special and is run by the local Lions Club and only costs $5.00 which sounds like a bargain and in reality is a dust bowl that we are glad to be moving from tomorrow. Some folks we are told will stay here for over a week due to the fact it is cheap and is really a decent spot for fishing and catching crabs to eat.

There is another caravan site closer to town and we drive up and have a look and really it is packed like sardines and we are glad to be in the dust bowl. We make the decision that as we will eventually come back through here to head north again we will speed straight past this location.

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