South Australia Day 8

Leaving the Barossa today but before we do we head off to the Barossa market. Pretty good wee market all of it food based and of course locally grown. We grab some sour dough bread and a bag of 12 limes for $4.00 bloody $2.00 each in the stupid markets. We do a Brian and get in to the tastings and there are lot’s of them.
We then loop back round and select some fudge we liked and with clock ticking head back to collect the van and hit the road north again. Pretty lucky coz we get a group next to us who have a bunch of young kids in tow and most of them seem to be deaf going by the way they are shouting every time they open their mouths.
having got everything packed up ready to go the day before we are hooked up and I will be today’s driver. The drive is an easy one of about three and a half hours. On the way up we stop at a little town called Clare and have a walk about grab some beers and steaks then a short time later roll in to our overnight stop of the town of Laura. This place was highly recommended on WikiCamps and it doesn’t disappoint.

We get a great welcome from Peter the manager who outlines a heap of stuff and let’s us choose from several sites available. He then leaves us to select our favourite and informs us that later he will be over with free freshly baked scones, jam and fresh whipped cream for us.
Having chosen our favourite spot I get the van reversed in and we are set up in no time with the awning out as well. The place seems quite quiet until a group of about 6 four wheels drives come in and break the silence.

It’s a great camp this one and Peter and his wife have been given a caretaker/Managers roll and will stay here for the next two years and slowly improve the place.
Sitting having a beer and as I look to my left I see Peter walking towards us with a plate of the promised scones, jam and cream. These get devoured in no time and bloody delicious they were.

Later we head to the local pub for a laugh and as we walk in we expect the usual country town pub silence but we get a very big welcome from the bar staff who end up entertaining us the entire time we were there.

Also in the bar were a couple of young girls who were drinking shot’s but not the usual small shot glasses instead these were like quarter pints and fair play to both girls who inhale the drinks and are ready for more. We reckon this is going to get messy and make a sharp exit back to camp and another fast day has flown by.

We will leave here tomorrow, head north and south and this time stop at the town of Cowell on our way south to Port Lincoln and then Coffin Bay.

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