South Australia Day 7

Day 7

After a well earned lie in we jump in the car and head off to what should be a highlight. In no time we arrive at the famous farmhouse of Maggie Beer. This place is fantastic, is where Maggie filmed her tv series and runs cooking workshops.
There is also a thriving shop and a restaurant on site which has a fantastic setting with river views and finally there is accomodation on site. We are lucky to spot a turtle as it swims past lucky not ro be added to today’s soup no doubt.

We get straight in to it and start sampling jams, chutney, olive oils and some fantastic pate. These are quickly followed up with tastings of the Heritage Apple Cider and some the Gin.

Can’t say we are big Gin drinkers but the mixer that is used instead of the usual tonic makes this a really fresh and less perfumed drink. The mixer is called Verjuce and is made using unfermented grapes.
We bag Gin, Verjuce, Cider and Pate then have a look at the restaurant then have a look round the farm gardens and aviary which has several Pheasant and Geese.

Next up we head towards the van and make a detour to visit the Barossa Cheese Company where we sample various flavours but to be honest none of them float our boat and we head out for a coffee and custard slice across the road.
Tourist stuff ticked it’s back to base and before we left Kaz had made a chicken curry and left it in our little slow cooker for the day. We bbq some bread on the Webber and bloody delicious dinner is served.
Since we will leave here tomorrow we spend some time putting what we don’t need away ready for a sharp exit in the morning.

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